ZCC - Zero Cost Commission - Anyone Bought thus?!?

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I was intrigued by the Sale Copy that a piece of software is suppose to do everything- although I'm extremely skeptical even at $37.00 and I was told you would never spend the money on a website or anything else for that matter?

Not sure if I can post the URL on this thread about it?

But has anyone bought this product, or is Paul Liburd & Antonio Giuditta true to their word?!!!???

I'm listening here to anyone who has.

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      Originally Posted by interplay View Post

      Here is a previous thread about ZCC.


      - Tim
      Thanks Tim!


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        I find it interesting that all threads I could find (except this one) related to ZCC are closed.

        I bought into it and took all the upsells. Rest assured I wasn't niave and wasn't 100% sold on the sales letter hype but figured what the heck ... maybe they have something that WILL automate things which would be worth the money. In the event it wasn't ... clickbank refunds are easy. I VERY RARELY ask for a refund. I can count on one hand the number of times I have in many years.

        My weak area is traffic generation and at the moment I don't have the funds to pay for traffic in any way. This is what I was looking for ... FREE TRAFFIC!

        Sadly, there is absolutely nothing new in the guide regarding traffic let alone free traffic. Some items push you to lie ... specifically telling you to sign up using a girls name in socail media sites.

        Additionally, I bought the private coaching hoping to have one place to ask those specific question as they relate to what I'm doing.

        The private coaching is restricted to one email a day!!!! Didn't like that but decided I could live with it if the resource actually help get over hurdles. Sent my first message two days ago and a follow up today because I have received no response.

        The sales page states you can be "making your first profits by tomorrow ... or even later today". Not a chance even if your very experienced with installing wordpress and getting software linked to it.

        I hope others find the linked thread and the additional feedback I have provided useful.

        Best Regards,
        Mike Allton
        ASU Service, Inc.
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    I purchased Zero Cost Commission three months ago and then asked for a complete refund. My refund was based on following facts -
    1. All they offer is a software which is nothing but a template for creating review of a clickbank product.
    2. Unlike what they say, you need to have a wordpress blog to post your reviews to.
    3. Unlike what they say, you need to work hard for building backlinks to your blog.
    4. Unlike what they say, you need to struggle for getting sales.

    In short, DO NOT BUY this product, it is a total waste.
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