What product should I buy? What Product worked for you?

by kayvee
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Hey everyone....

Over the last 7 days, I looked into 10 products that have launched recently. Some products can be disappointing and I dislike getting refunds.

But the sales copy and screen-shots were compelling.

So I came to the Warrior Forum to get some reviews on those products.

And Each product had a bunch of negative reviews attached to it. Surely not all those products are "scams" as some members kept referring to them.

Naturally, I became lost and confused.

So here is my question:

Is there anyone out there who used a product and began making money with the knowledge they gained.

I am not looking for any products that were just "interesting" or "full of good info".

Instead someone (preferably a newbie) who bought a product and followed the information provided by the product and made money.

Please tell me the products name and your experience.

Any feedback is appreciated.
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    Maybe warriors could help better if you narrowed what internet business do YOU want to operate. Affiliate Sales? Membership Site? Article Marketing? Blogging? Create Products? etc., - there are many good products out there for each type of business, I have used many myself. Good luck.
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      At this point I am willing to look into any method that can and will make money.

      Curt...the ones that you used made you money?
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