Which is better? SocialMarker, OnlyWire or Bookmarking Demon?

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Hey Warriors,

Need some more suggestions from you guys.
Recently my OnlyWire account got blocked because I exceeded the max posts of 300 per month for free.
I was using the OnlyWire Submitter to automate the bookmarking process of my blog posts.

Now I have no other option than to upgrade to a paid version if I choose to continue with OnlyWire.
So I thought it better to ask for some suggestions in this great forum before taking any decision.

I am a big fan of making my business automated. The OnlyWire Submitter Software was solving that purpose nicely by posting to all social networking as well as bookmarking sites automatically whenever I make a blog post. And I was having good traffic at the end of the day.

So my question is what to do now? Should I upgrade to a paid version of OnlyWire?

How does SocialMarker fit in when it comes to making the submission automatic to all bookmarking sites? I saw there is a WP plugin for SocialMarker. But that doesn't solve my purpose, as the plugin only helps you bookmark you blog post from within your blog manually.

Any suggestions?
What about Bookmarking Demon? I know it's costly, but is the price worth?

poohhh.... need to take a decision.
Hoping to get some help here.

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    i was asking this in another post......and i come to the conclusion to outsoruce it. Due to time, limits with accounts ect. Also by having diffrent people bookmark you it lokks a bit better then coming from the same source all the time.
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    I use OnlyWire and it works pretty well. I have a small group of people I trade submitting with and that works out outstanding.

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      SocialAdr has a system where users post each other's bookmarks through 20 or so services. There's a paid version which will allow you to achieve some scale, though i haven't checked it out.

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    I use onlywire and works like a charm, but I think paid version software will be better, so go with BMD or Bookmarkwiz....
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    • Profile picture of the author Diane S
      I can recommend BMD after trying several automated bookmarking softwares. There are plenty of non-captcha bookmarking sites to use, so I can totally run it on automatic mode. No limit to the number of bookmarks you can do. It is definitely worth the price, and the upgrades are free and lifetime.
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    Onlywire is a great for free stuff, but bookmarking demon is hands down the best. Also, you can import a host of new sites into BMD for a lot more links. There is a bit of a learning curve though and bookmarking links aren't as great as they once were. Learning BMD is great for quick indexing and some initial link juice though.

    Good Luck,


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    Make sure you take a look at Incansoft's SocialBot software. Does bookmarking, will spider your site for bookmarking submissions and generates simple site maps. The price is nice too.


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    Get yourself the full version of onlywire...It the best choice of three....Really serves the purpose....
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    what are your results with OnlyWire Guys?
    do you manage to get some traffic with just one bookmark per service?
    Could you share a bit more.
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    hey onlywire still good?
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    I think that bookmarking demon is the clear choice here.... From the reviews that I have read
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    ^ Yes! bookmarking demon is the clear choice. It's 100% automated too!

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