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In the last couple of days I have purchased BackTrackSEO by Jack Humphrey. He also supplies a free theme which is totally uncluttered and does the job. I was so impressed I then got his Utility Poster. The great thing about this apart the fact that it works, is that it runs under Adobe Air so I can use it with Fedora, another bonus for Linux and Mac users, other software suppliers take note. Applied it quickly to a couple of blogs and my statscounter has gone through the roof, plus Adsense earnings up. He also has a fantastic blog full of things you need to know. I have a cupboard full of Pdf's which are heading for the trash now, just going to concentrate on this, all makes sense. Also found some YouTube vids. by Andrew Hansen of CrapCutterMarketing. When you start looking there is a plethora of totally free information, you just have to put in some work (nasty word I know) but true.
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