Content Buzz review anyone?

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Can anyone give a comprehensive review of Content Buzz? Maybe how it compares to Traffic Geyser? I've used Traffic Geyser before and liked it. I like the ability to have multiple profiles. Can anyone give a review of CB and maybe compare it to TG?
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    Never heard of it before, what is the link? I typed in google and it took me to some video or viral marketing website.
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    any insider info? I tried to get in touch with support but no links on their site.
    for 7 day free trial, I will give it a spin on Monday for myself. I will need multiple profiles for each project.
    I have used traffic geyser, but of course very expensive.

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      I used content buzz for almost a year during the 09-10. Its basically a video submission desktop software. I started using it before it went beta. I liked the old content buzz software vs the beta version because you had more capabilities with the older version. However the older version of content buzz was semi-automatic versus Traffic Geyser which is automatic. Content Buzz's customer service isn't as responsive as traffic geyser. Content Buzz Beta is still not as automatic as traffic geyser.

      Content Buzz does offer its services cheaper than traffic geyser but you still have to invest some time once you get the accounts set up. Traffic Geyser once you set the accounts up you push a button and check the statuses. Content Buzz has a tendency of freezing and not accurately displaying the proper status for the various submission.
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    ...or you could just consider Magic Submitter for video, blogs, articles, rss, press releases. Not an affiliate but since I've been using it, it kicks major butt. And you can schedule all the services to run on different days, AND it will pick up where it left off if your computer is off.

    True it is a bit more expensive, but it is worth it to me to be able to do everything above from one interface. And I can always add new services and sites myself. Just a suggestion though!
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    I use content buzz on a very regular basis and as someone whose used both Rank Builder and SEnuke I have to say that I really like it. Relative to SEnuke it's nowhere near as clean in terms of speed or user interface but it does get the job done. It also has some features that SEnuke doesn't have like podcast, document sharing, and the outsourcing collaboration module.

    Plus, their support is pretty good. Anytime I've ever needed help Shaun has always been there for me within a matter of hours if not minutes.

    All in all I'd say that the lack of documentation on them is probably more of a reflection on their marketing than it is on the product itself.

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