Traffic Travis vs Market Samurai

by wwood
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I use TT but I'm interested in MS for keyword research.

Does anyone knows both of them? Wich one is better for keywords?
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    I downloaded Traffic Travis last night and its nothing on Market Samurai, MS is probably the best tool I own.
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    Yes no doubt. Market Samurai is the best. Don't take my word, just search and read the testimonials (e.g. search at WF), most of them are positives.
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    I've found Traffic Travis to be highly inaccurate at times when it comes to determining search volume. Although, the SEO competition checker can be a really handy tool.

    A really effective and free solution is to use both. Market Samurai for keyword research and Traffic Travis to check SEO competition.
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    I got both of them, market samurai and TT, yes I used them both at the same time but for different specific goal. TT is to check the competition (as I have checked the competition level in MS)

    and MS for keyword researching, to make sure we don't target the wrong keywords.

    Get MS, it's free right (only for 30 days or something). if you don't like it, they'll absolutely give your money back.

    Dont worry, no catch.
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    TT doesn't hold a candle to MS


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    I use SEO Studio, it's pretty cool
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    I gave both a shot and ended up choosing Market Samurai. I disliked using TT. It just didn't seem as intuitive as MS was much easier to use, although I did (and still do) find it slow at times.

    But, MS is an awesome tool to do research. It has drastically reduced the amount of time I spend doing research, well worth the bucks.
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    I made a comparison and better TT, better data delivery MM . only thing to compare
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    MS is simply the best. It tends to be inerringly accurate with regards competition and whether or not the kw you are researching is actually a good 'buying' kw - no good if you have a high traffic kw with zero buying potential.

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    Hi Guys;

    I have been going through the feedback here because i decided not to buy a software, unless i had checked for the review on this forum.Enough is enough.So i am going for MS.
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    Market Samurai is great, Traffic Travis isn't too bad. I like the SEO competition checking tool with TT.
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      I use MS, Traffic Travis, and also, Keyword Country, but since I write a lot of content ( articles etc) for my sites, those tools don't tell me which of those keywords I should use to have the best chance to rank highest for.

      So I import all my keywords from those tools into the Money Keyword Finder software, and it prioritizes all those keywords and then ranks them giving me a keyword rating list.

      Straight away I know exactly what keywords I must target first to write my articles around. This saves me heaps of time and effort. And I don't have to figure out all those stats. that are put out by all those other keyword tools
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        I have TT Pro, MS and a few other keyword tools.

        The ONLY thing I use Traffic Travis Pro for is for grouping large keyword lists into smaller ones for further analysis. It helps me quickly sort out the nested keyword hierarchy for my Adsense sites.

        But for everything else ... volume, competition, etc. ... I export to MS for further analysis.

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    I love MS but i also use TT. But it is taking time to load the competition tool from MS so i use TT.
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    Yeah, MS is a little slow but I love it. I have TT pro as well as other keyword research tools, but I hardly use them. I'm just waiting for "any" of them to update to pull data from the new google keyword tool.

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    MS neuks TT out of the water. Just get MS.
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    yeah. MS is the best kw tool out there. I am enjoying its adwords feature right now- AWCPC and AWV.
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    Hi guys, as you know, TT, has a new version. Anywhere in the forum that check it an has MS also, for know your opinion?


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    I have tested both side by side, and then tested their results with Adwords. MS has always been more accurate.

    You also get much more data and versatility with MS and all it's new modules and functions.

    I'm not sure about the bugs since I have never had a problem. It always runs fast on my machine.

    TT is good for beginners, but if you are serious and have the money, MS is much better in my opinion.
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    I prefer marketsamurai and seo suite.
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    I use Traffic Travis to check for seo analysis of top ten websites in Google and Keyword Blueprint or Market Samerai for keyword research.
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    *SIGH* Well, I was hoping to TRY TT4 not buy it and return it if I didn't like it. Market Samurai has always been the choice for me. And yes, while the other modules are time limited to 30 day trial, the keyword module is always free.
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    I have had MS for years but in the past few months it has become so incredibly inaccurate that I don't really know if it's the best anymore. Haven't tried TT but would gladly buy it if it gave me the correct data.
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    Update it, its been fixed and seotc/uc have been added.
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    I have tried them but Im using IMeye now. More expensive but a lot faster and accurate for me.
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    Market Samurai is probably the best too you cannot go wrong.
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    The PR analysis function in the SEO module of Market Samurai is not really accurate as Yahoo Site Explorer is phasing out soon. But still, I still prefer Market Samurai to Traffic Travis. And for some reason, I prefer Traffic Travis v3 to v4. Both are solid keyword research tools though.

    James Tan

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    I've been looking around the net and it seems there is no place to just download Market Samurai without joining up on some IM'er's list.

    Can someone tell me the best place to download a free trial and where is the cheapest place to buy it if I decide to keep it?

    So if you try the free trial and it expires you still get to use the keyword tool ?
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    Yes. And I've used both TT (goes through wordtracker) and MS. I stuck with MS and bought it in 2009 for $87. Best. Money. Spent. EVER. This is the one tool that you NEED to have in your arsenal.
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