Stealth Traffic Formula

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Just got a few emails about Shaun Smith's "Stealth Traffic Formula".

Anybody got it? Is it any good or just rehashed FB, Twitter, YouTube
and software submission stuff?
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    Yup, any reviews there guys.....
    (Still depending on WF before buying anything)
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    Same here, I'm waiting to see if anything pops up on WF about it.
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    guys - have a look at .

    like ALL other "make money" online courses you will NOT get ALL the information you need (assuming it is any good) as there are upsells galore! I resent "marketers" that do this and can't be honest BEFORE purchasing that there are upsells.

    Also research this marketers last products and see if previous "make money" release dates coincide with the proof being shown.

    I will not be looking any further at this.
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      Thanks Chuckles
      Think I'm with you on this one.
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    one thing I liked about this program is that it seems to be about free traffic methods.

    Moreover I found that the free video below presents something really new (at least for me):


    I feel a bit worried about expensive upsell discussed by the previous mails.

    Best Regards

    Mario Pesce
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    Thanks you Chuckles for sharing is link here

    Take a short break ... Fun games

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