Bring The Fresh vs. Thirty Day Challenge

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For those who have actually tried both, which one is a better product - Bring the Fresh (which costs $100) or Ed Dale's Thirty Day Challenge (which is free on youtube and on their site)?
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    You almost don't need to choose.

    Both will teach you stuff. Do Ed's first, then sign up for BTF.

    The BTF forum is full of helpful (and friendly) folk who are all stretching themselves to make money (and report it). Kelly Felix and Mike Long are on there all the time actually getting involved.

    The 30 day challenge leads on to one of Ed's memberships if I remember right (where you have to pay) - this would be more like the "Full Disclosure" version of the BTF aftersale which is also monthly but only occupies one locked section of the BTF forum.

    I like both, but I'm not a monthly member of either.

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