Before I Press The "Buy" Button, Scrapebox Or Auto Back Link Bomb?

by Kennyz
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I look now on two of these products, before i hit the "Buy" button, which software better from your experience?

Their actions are similar, i really dont know which one to choose, help me to decide guys.
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    Backlink bomb is not very good, i brought it and asked for my money back within a hour, dont know about the other one.
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      Originally Posted by options View Post

      Backlink bomb is not very good, i brought it and asked for my money back within a hour, dont know about the other one.
      Within "an hour"? How you could you possibly evaluate a piece of software like that within an hour?
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    I don't have it, but I know a lot of people swear by Scrapebox.
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    Im looking to get scrapebox in about a few days....I suggest to look at all the videos on youtube for it..You will be amazed.
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      Definitely Scrapebox which is much more than just a tool to get backlinks.

      Do a search on here for the Scrapebox thread.
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    backlink bomb does exactly as advertised, it scrapes forums and posts to them, it's single threaded, and constantly updated.

    scrapebox in my opinion is still a little bit ahead of it though you can do anything from spam the internet to scrape a site.
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    It depends on what your goals are.

    If it is to profile link then ABB.
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    I haven't used ABB but use scrapebox daily. I can find any type of site, scrape their link profile, scrape dofollow links, high PR links, anything. However I don't auto post as success is very low, i rather pass the lists I scrape to my VAs and they post relevant comments or manually sign up for profiles / directories.
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    Scrapebox is awesome! is their support. They update it constantly. The things that you can do with it are only limited by your imagination (and ethics). Highly recommended.
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    I bought scrapebox a few days ago, and love it. Armed with some knowledge of 'footprints' of forums/blogs, its a perfect tool.

    I very much doubt you'd be disappointed with it.
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    Buy Scrapebox, and when you do spend a few hours really learning what you can do with it, it can be very powerful when used correctly and down right frustrating and confusing for anyone that does not know how to use it.

    I personally dont use it for much anymore, but I do still use it for checking url's for indexation.

    Best of luck and look on here as there are often discount codes up to 50% off.
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    Have used Scrapebox and it does wonders. You can

    * Find backlinks that your competitor has
    * Find out what PR the links are
    * Get backlinks for your site from those harvested
    * Ping the links for faster indexing

    Its a great tool that does a lot. I have been using it for about 6 months now and am glad i bought it. Still learning new things that i can do with it !
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    which one is the easiest to use?
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    Deffo Scrapebox, you can't go wrong with this!
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      "Backlink bomb is not very good,"
      Oh come on. You couldn't use it so it must be bad. I have both, use both. Both are excellent, ABB has a smaller user base and abb's support is without peer. ABB, in my opinion, is the easier to pick up. With SB (a great tool), you''l need to obtain some alternative training. A new very good one, ScrapeBox Master Guide was recently released. There is also some very good free training available on one of the more well known black hat sites.
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    Most people don't like to take the time to learn things properly. There is no push button, make money solution. That said, I think I'll look at both to see which would compliment MS the best.
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      Scrapebox hands down. Scrapebox has got to be the single greatest SEO tool ever invented.
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