I've just discovered what looks like a fantastic website builder and CMS

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I've just purchased TopSiteToGo, which is a new website building software and CMS. It's designed specifically for Internet marketers and the features are absolutely brilliant.

It claims to be better for SEO than Wordpress, and it automatically optimizes all images so the site loads lightning fast.

There are dozens of beautiful pre-made templates that are proven to convert well (or you can build your own custom designs). It's also designed to make it easy to do split testing.

If you build sites for clients, it is much easier for them to use than Wordpress or Joomla.

It's early days yet, I've only just got the software. But I'll post updates after I've used it for a while and have some tangible results.

But so far I'm very excited.

You can find out more at TopSiteToGo.
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    You paid $399? Sounds like White Hat Copy Cat 2 which I just bought . . .

    I would like to know how much you paid and could you post some sites after you build them? Looking forward to your updates this looks like a cool product.
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      I don't know much about White Hat Copycat2. But I think TopSiteToGo will have many more features.

      Once I've built a site or two with it, I'll report back.

      And yes, I paid $399.
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        Am I right in thinking you only get 5 sites and the hosting is included with that price?
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          You get 5 sites initially and then can have more for a (smaller) extra fee. I'm not sure what that extra fee is going to be yet as they are still testing the price. I spoke to the guy who developed it, on skype, and because it's so new this is just an introductory price.

          It might seem expensive but it's really designed for people who are building sites that are going to make a decent amount of money. It's not for beginners who are just dabbling in internet marketing.

          As a serious product, it's very high powered.

          They offer hosting at $9.95 a month for the 5 sites... but you can host anywhere if you prefer.
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            Here's an update of TopSiteToGo after four weeks. It has been a huge disappointment. I have given up using it. Far too cumbersome and limited as a serious website builder.

            It has some nice templates and I guess if you are committed to matering its quirks, it could be an effective website builder and CMS.

            I understand the developers are working on some improvements, based on initial customer feedback. I get the feeling they are committed to making this software work, so hopefully the new version will be better.

            I decided not to stick with it and asked for a refund a couple of weeks ago for the $399 I paid. Haven't seen the refund yet but hopefully they will honour their promise.
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    I fully understand healthy competition and think it's great but it's going to be pretty tough to upstage Wordpress...
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      Originally Posted by Rsberg View Post

      I fully understand healthy competition and think it's great but it's going to be pretty tough to upstage Wordpress...
      I agree.

      Every once in a while the latest and greatest comes along with a hefty price tag and still makes WP look that much better. It is hard to beat WP and more importantly the community and support around it!
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          Originally Posted by plainwords View Post

          Here's another update on TopSitetoGo. I asked for a refund two months ago for the $399 I paid. I've been asking regularly and keep getting promised the refund. Still nothing forthcoming. I don't like saying negative things about other marketers in public but in this case, I have to say I'm appalled by this company.

          The software was over-hyped and I got sucked in. So in that regard, I guess it's my own fault if I lose $399. But since they offered a money back guarantee, it's only reasonable that they should honor it.
          if you paid by credit card you might still be able to do a charge back.
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            You really can't beat Wordpress.

            Mainly because you can add plugins and themes to turn it into anything.

            [+] Themes for static looking sites, sales pages, lead capture, etc.
            [+] Plugins for auto posting, spinning content, etc.
            [+] Plugins that auto link build.
            [+] Make Facebook compatible.

            Look no further than Wordpress and spend that money on premium themes and plugins.

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