Is The Only Good FREE Video Maker?

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Hi Everybody, Sandy here..

I'd like to get into making videos to steer potential
customers to my websites for extra traffic and sales.

Suggestions have been made for Animoto DOT com.

Are they any good?
Have Warriors used them to make videos?
And if so, have you had good traffic results?

By The Way, I don't want be in front of the camera.
So, are there any video making sites like Animoto that
use Text/Photos inside the videos, instead of me talking?

Give me as many as possible please, so I can do research on all of them.

Thanks So Much,
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    Animoto is a great, fast solution. I've created videos with Animoto and placed them on YouTube...and actually got sales.

    Tip: I use more text than photos. It keeps the video shorter and more engaging.

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    Stick with Animoto but NOT the free version. Get the PRO version and reap the many benefits, e.g., no Animoto branding!
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    The one closest to Animoto is Memories On Web. This one is cool because you put in all the text, graphics and music and it will automatically make the video go for however long the music is for.

    You can always use the free video maker that comes with Windows. It does basically the same thing. You put in the graphics, music, text, etc. and do some editing.

    Microsoft also has a free slide show maker that works like Animoto. It may have the automatic compile feature, but I haven't looked for that yet.

    The good thing about all these options is that you don't have to put up with Animoto's advertising or their restriction on using them for commercial reasons.

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    You can find the first prequel to my Purgatory series (How Blended are Dust and Fire) on Amazon and Smashwords.

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    Get Chad Wyatt's WSO for sure.

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    I think animoto's great for personal use...not so great if you're hoping to produce video's for other businesses due to their terms of service.

    This thread from earlier in the year mentions some other alternatives, and in particular I like what has to offer, but I haven't tried them out to comment on how well they work.
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        Try microsofts Photo Story 3 which is free. You can see some examples on my youtube channel at YouTube - centralflorida411's Channel It's very easy to use and best of all it is Free.

        Dave Weaver

        Your Central Florida Portal

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          I like Animoto a lot. I've been using the 'middle priced' version (still has branding) for over a year. There are some alternatives. That's what I was looking for tonight that lead me to this thread.

          I saw somebody mentioned Chad Wyatt but I don't remember the date. However I must comment on Chad.

          About 4-5 months ago I previously learned about a video spinner product he had. I bought it and it turned out to require installing on my hosting and some things of that sort that I just wasn't comfortable doing.

          So I wrote him an email.

          I got an email back in which he informed me that he was working on another, upgraded, version, which he expected to have very soon.

          Time went by and I never heard from him again although I know that Holly Cotter knows him.

          Point is, his first software turned out a good looking final video product and I was really excited about getting it to work...but I got zero support or follow-up from him.

          Since I never heard any more from him either about my original 'installation' need or about his new product, I consider the money I initially spent with him to be wasted.

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        Originally Posted by Hitanshu View Post

        At first glance, OneTrueMedia looks fantastic... Until you check their TOS:

        >> The Service is for personal use only; use of the Service for commercial
        >> use or for broadcast or distribution to persons outside of a normal circle
        >> of a family and its social acquaintances is expressly prohibited.


        >> You agree not to use the Service:
        >> g. for any commercial purpose.


        >> You agree that you will limit, and will cause your guests to limit,
        >> the persons who can view your Videos and other Content to
        >> persons within your normal circle of family and its social
        >> acquaintances. In addition, the Service will automatically limit the
        >> total number of persons who can view such Content to no more
        >> than 50. The Service is for personal use only; use of the Service for
        >> commerical use or for broadcast or distribution to persons outside of a
        >> normal circle of a family and its social acquaintances is expressly
        >> prohibited.

        What are the chances of getting caught, and getting your Youtube account/channel(s) banned???

        Not sure it's worth the risk.

        Another option is VideoPad Video Editor:
        Video Editing Software. Download Free Video Movie Editor

        From their website:
        >> A free video editor version is available for non-commercial use only.
        >> If you will be using it at home you can download the free version here:

        Hope this helps...
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