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I've been looking for a cheap webhost but with high quality service for my Internet Marketing Blog called Houston SEO? Anyone here can recommend me?
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    I recommend Hostgator, their headquarters are in Houston :-)
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      While there are several good ones, you will find most people here recommend HostGator. I use it myself, and have great admiration for their tech support. Prices are good, too.

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    Here's a cheap one and could be a quality one, I have not tried them yet:
    Roller Hosting - Powerfull and Professional Hosting Solutions

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    I recommend Free cPanel Host, Shared Web Hosting - Web-Hosting-Service if you want cheap because they have packages starting at $1.95/Month. Plus they have a support forum where the owner is very active and helpful.
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    hostgator is the best for the cost, imo
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      I use (no affiliate link). Their interface is an original one not Cpanel but it gets the job done. It's cheap, they give you 5 IPs and 5Gig BW a month for like $6,25. Never had a problem with them.
      Hostgator is also a good one but you'll eventually start eating up a lot of resources so you'll have to get a higher plan. That has yet to happen with Cyberwurx.
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    jukihosting is cheap and very easy to install blogging softwares
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    Hostmonster offers very good hosting and has a wealth of features. Plus their support is top-notch!

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    Hostgator has competitive prices and some of the best customer service that I've ever encountered. Don't go for the absolute cheapest hosting you can find, as you are probably going to end up sacrificing either reliability and/or customer service.

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    I would also recommend HostGator. I have been with them for years and am truly a loyal customer.

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      Thanks for all your reply, I think I would go for hostgator because many of you out of the total received replies recommended Hostgator.


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    Hostgator is my first recommendation to you, then GoDaddy.
    Have a nice day and good luck!
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      How much are you looking at for hosting with hostgator? Do they have a good builder?
      I am looking to switch to a cheaper and better host. I have been using omnibuilder and pay $40 a month. I think I may be getting ripped off.

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    Ya, Hostgator, the course that I attended about IM --the lecturer recommended it too. (Though I have not tried it yet)
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    I am with resellerzoom for almost five years now. Was using some other hosts in recent years but I keep getting back to RZ.
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    You can try out My site has been hosted by them and it has been running smoothly till now. They charge a very low cost about 20-25$ per year.
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    Just Host is great, I am using it now and it cost less than $4 a month

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    If you are looking for Cheap UK web Hosting : is the best hosting provider package starts at just 14.99 GBP , I am using them for years now, nice support and good uptime.

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