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5 ***** out 5 *****

A couple of days ago I asked for a good ip cloaking software that was reliable, but not only that it needed to have ip switching capabilities and enough servers to do the kind of intense analyzing I need to do --->

I was so sick of looking for proper, hardcore IP software all over the place just to find junk reviews and junk pages buying any of the few decent recommendations there may be.

I spoke to Tomas about his Identity Cloaker for the last couple of days and today I decided to give his software a shot.

I'm not saying this because he's a member here or anything. Honestly, this is the fastest, easiest to use, portable (you can take it with you anywhere - it doesn't have to be installed on your machine if you don't want it to, you can take the bare minimum with you and just run it from anywhere to protect yourself as long as you remember your login details) and has a very good number of proxies.

A few in the Netherlands, a couple in Germany and several in the USA with UK and Canada possibly coming by the end of the year.

This kicks the crap out of Anonymizer, GoTrusted Secure Tunnel, etc., and especially any free one. TOR is not even worth it when you consider that by month it comes out to a measly $8 a month. My time is definitely worth more than the $8 a month so that I don't have to deal with getting TOR to work right and these proxies are way faster plus you get a lot of bandwidth usage per month.

If you just need to cloak your ip or whatever maybe the web based proxies are enough, but they won't protect your susceptible details and these proxies Tomas has are quick.

By far, the best including user friendly software with top grade encryption of one of the highest levels not to mention Tomas gets extra brownie points for putting up with a pain in the ass like me.

Now IdentityCloaker is the top notch kind of software I like.

I have only used it today but so far so good. I'm being repetitive but it's working great.

I'll be getting refund from very soon (hopefully)

I am glad that I asked and thanks for the two people who answered.

If you use a Windows XP or Vista (and maybe if you have a good Win Emulator for your OS) and you are not happy with any solutions for privacy and security then stop getting frustrated and I recommend you give Identity Cloaker a try.

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    I've also used Identity Cloaker and agree with your review wholeheartedly. It beats any of the free proxies, as well as Anonymizer that ironically I also got refunded when I tried it a couple of years ago.

    My reason for using it is that I'm living in Europe, yet my internet marketing activities are geared to the U.S. market. In particular, the CPA networks will not even let you view ads if they are not available outside the US, because they have an IP address block. It drives me crazy to not be able to view what I'm planning to put up on my website to promote, and the proxies just did not work consistently (and they were slow).

    Even simple things like seeing what Google adwords are available to US viewers. I know there are other methods, but they grew tiresome. Like appending &gl=us to every search query when I wanted to see the Adwords ads that are geographically targeted to the US.

    This tool is a no-brainer for any internet marketers who are outside of the US and need to view sites that are blocked to them based on IP.

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      Originally Posted by csm View Post


      agree with your review wholeheartedly.


      Are you saying I'm a pain in the ass?

      J/K! :p
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    Thanks for the great reviews Tommy and Susan, I am glad you like Identity Cloaker Hopefully I am allowed to post in this thread...

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    Someone asked my by Private Message what was so great about Identity Cloaker and why I said Anonymizer is crap and what does Identity Cloaker have that others don't.

    Well, I didn't say Anonymizer is crap but it didn't work right for me, installation and uninstallation hassles and more hassles doesn't make it attractive to me.

    If someone uses some other software and it's working right then just keep using it. I can't say whether or not their level of encryption is better or worse than Identity Cloaker but Tomas seems sincere and Identity Cloaker is a smart, tight and robust piece of software with reliable and fast servers.

    The software is smart and according to Tomas has just about government level of encryption to protect yourself. I think his site says it's similar to what the US Army uses.

    For me it gets extra points because I can pick from the proxies available and switch between them at set intervals.

    Just read the explanations at his site or ask Tomas. He's WAY more qualified to answer these kinds of questions than I am.
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    I should clarify a few points if I may - you know, I want to stay within the forum rules and if I start talking too much about Identity Cloaker, it could sound like a blatant ad because... well, Identity Cloaker is so great!

    See what I mean?

    Anyway, Identity Cloaker is a bit different type of product than most people are used to. First, it's not really a "proxy switcher". It may look like one on the surface but the technology is somewhat different. There is indeed proxy software (Squid) running on my dedicated servers but what's very different is the way you connect to them.

    The underlying technology is called "SSH Tunneling". Actually, Identity Cloaker is a "2 in 1" type of service because it does use OpenVPN Virtual Private Networking technology in addition to SSH Tunneling for situations where the first technology is not ideal. That one is meant primarily for the power users though, at least until I make some video tutorials on it.

    The whole background system is pretty complex. Do you want to know how long it took me to finish Identity Cloaker? Roughly 1.5 year... Not full time work always of course, just want to show it's not some cheap proxy switcher software any cheap scriptlance etc. coder could make for you.

    It's truly not easy to explain all the details without going too technical and it's 4:08AM local time already so my mind is not too fresh.

    As for the encryption, proxy switchers use no encryption whatsoever, standard proxy servers do not use it either. The reason Identity Cloaker uses encryption lies in its very core design. Do you know what SSH is? Take a look at Secure Shell - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia for some brief explanation. It's a network protocol which is commonly used for remote administration of remote computers/servers (mostly Linux/Unix).

    With SSH you establish a secure channel, or "secure tunnel" between your computer and the destination server. This secure channel is encrypted to prevent data eavesdropping. In the case of Identity Cloaker, the cipher used for the encryption is 256bit Rjindael or more commonly called 256bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard).

    This cipher is no similar to the one used by the US Department of Defense for Top Secret classified data, it is the very same one! Really, this is no marketing strategy, this is a fact. It's the very same cipher, including cipher strength, the US Army uses for sending military orders to Irag or Afghanistan. Again, just a fact you can Google.

    Identity Cloaker first connects to one of the dedicated servers in its network (all of them are rented by me) via this secure channel. Then it uses so called "port forwarding" to forward a local network port on your PC to a port on the server on which the proxy server software is running.

    So you do not connect to the proxy server directly. You connect to the server via SSH and the server then forwards your requests to the proxy server software running on it. You gain all "web access rights" of the dedicated server. If the server can access, so can you. This is similar to standard proxy servers but this time it happens on a lower level.

    Now the fun part is, it's exactly thanks to this background complexity (and believe me, this is the reader's digest version) Identity Cloaker is so easy to use for the end user.

    Technically, I used existing technologies. SSH Tunneling (or OpenVPN for that matter) is not a new thing. But their practical use (especially for SSH Tunneling) would normally be outside of reach for like 99.8% of people because of the complexity.

    Honestly, I am not afraid of competition. There is none.

    Again, I don't want to make this sound like an ad and hopefully I managed to stay within the forum rules

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    Well, Tomas I think your software just saved my butt, because I have not yet installed the Firefox plugin and have only been using it for IE but for the last hour or so when I tried to access a certain merchant's site it tries to install malware pc-scan-pro something or other when I go through Firefox (which I didn't install the Identity Cloaker plugin for it yet) but when I would visit through IE with Idenity Cloaker running nothing happened.

    I don't know if it was the software or not but when I turn off Identity Cloaker and search him in IE and click on his site it happens, and when I turn the software back on it doesn't.

    Funny how this happened the day after I got your software. Just in time. I managed to close the malware fast when it happened in Firefox. I really don't know what's going on with his sites.

    Actually I just happened to see your post because I came here to post a warning.
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    I cannot confirm it was because of Identity Cloaker the malware could not install on your PC, I'd have to have more info about the incident. Normally, Identity Cloaker has not been designed to prevent this kind of attacks as website malware is distributed in a specific way which is the domain of antivirus software and similar.

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    Yea, I don't know if it did or not but I do know that with the software on it does not and with it off it does. I also tried web based proxy to see if it was ip based an targeting just me but even with web proxies his sites still tried to run the pc-scan-pro.

    I don't know either, but I just posted some details about it on this forum.
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    Thank you for the review! I have been searching for a Proxy Software for a long time but I just didn't trust the sellers
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    Thanks for the review. Very good reviews

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