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Has anyone bought this one yet?
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    it's always worth checking out the affiliates page for new launches to see whether the onus is on selling quality information or getting as many sales as possible

    CB Cash Grenade | Affiliate Partners
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    Seems good. Just went to purchase though and got an error from firefox saying the payment isn't a trusted source when it tried to go to paypal, is firefox being over sensitive?

    It's still not working for you??? Need direction?...
    ---->>>> BrainDirection.com <<<<----
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    I have also considered buying this, since being bombarded with emails about this product all day. Sounds good, but have invested in quite a few products lately that didn't live up to their billing.
    Would also be interested to know whether it is any good though, if anyone has actually bought it.
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    What is main traffic source of the CBCash Grenade?
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        Almost never in my life have I seen a sales page that says so little and promises everything.
        Guys-you have to be a bit more inventive and come up with a few facts instead of showing us the usual stats and promises.
        AND don´t read text in a sales video- it´s boring
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          Anyone bought this product?

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            I know at least someone has purchased it...but why nobody is posting a comment????

            Have you noticed that this happens from time to time...there are some systems that perhaps are good but we never find out because nobody posts a comment!!!!!!!!!

            The Most Important Steps: 1) Define a goal , 2) List the easiest steps to accomplish it , 3) Focus and Work hard , 4) Don't buy another WSO until you have applied the one that you are working on , 5) Evaluate your progress constantly , 6) Tweak, Correct and Improve , 7) Rinse and Repeat

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    I agree- This is supposedly one of the HOTTEST and BEST (according to sources OUTSIDE of the sales letter) $67 courses to come down the pike in a long time- And NOT 1 review or piece of feedback here? I agree with dmorales- It seems that this course probably KICKS A$$! (and nobody wants to give up the goods)-
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    Right then guys, in the interest of research and to find out if the product matches the sales page I'm going in now, live as I type!

    Right now, if you close the sales page you are offered a 3 day trial for $1 with a one time payment of $66 due after that period, so I have taken that option.

    Next up is the first OTO "advanced ESP Traffic Hijack videos and your 7 day trial membership to the area" where Jeremy and Simon will be full of "killer methods, unique strategies" etc... it's $4.95 for 7 days and then $47 a month after... for the purpose of testing in I'm in (current total $5.95)

    Wow - that was it, no further upsells which to me is a major bonus. I must admit that the design of the sales page and the OTO were totally first class; I'd like to know who they used for that.

    Hmmm I spoke too soon, in the main area of CBCash Grenade there is an "Upgrade to Black Ops" with a series of videos on Traffic etc... for $97. To be honest, I'm pretty sure I've seen Paul Ponna give these away as bonuses before so I'll ignore them.

    Right, so I'm in, I've registered at both the main site and the separate membership site.

    So on to the main course, it consists of a series of videos:

    - Opening Video - 15:02
    - Affiliate Marketing Today (What's Changing) - 14:50
    - Discover Your Freedom Formula - (Business Planning) - 17:44
    - Uncovering Explosive Markets (Research others campaigns) - 17:41
    - Discover How To Find The High Profit Products (Clickbank research) - 5:15
    - Markets Landscape and Understanding Your Demographics - 5:44
    - Viral and Email Marketing Explosion - 34:01
    - Ultra Article Marketing Methods Module - 10:24
    - Become the Authority - 5:56
    - Explosive Video Traffic - 13:26
    - Explosive FaceBook Traffic - 5:35
    - Explosive Free Ad Tactics - 42:10
    - Psychic Gmail Advertising - 5:43
    - Media and Contextual Advertising - 42:16
    - The Final Video System Automation - 8:09

    So it looks like it covers most aspects of IM, I'm not sure there's much there that I don't already know but we'll see; maybe there are some secrets I've not come across yet.

    ** Update - I'm now watching the videos and I'm impressed, good quality videos and clear instructions, you can also download the PDF of each one - he's making some pretty big statements; this doesn't appear to be rehashed crap. I think I'm beginning to see why people were keeping quiet about this now, hehe **

    Next up is the bonuses and there are quite a few:

    1) ClickBank & Amazon Review Templates

    "A stunning set of review templates perfect for reselling Clickbank or Amazon affiliate products. Includes home page with 5 product summary areas and a review page for detailed descriptions."

    2) Niche Marketing Template Package

    "Includes psd header files and one template for each of the 7 niches. Ideal as landing pages/pre sell pages for clickbank products."

    3) Conversion Ace Video Template Package

    "A landing page/squeeze page template pack in four colours with 40 different buttons making this a very versatile pack, easy to set up for all kinds of uses."

    4) Covert CB Software

    "The Wordpress plugin that helps secure your clickbank commissions when visitors buy products you have recommended."

    * My thoughts, the templates are nice looking and if you are into messing around with PSD's then could be useful. Personally I'm a Wordpress man so I'll check out the plugin, though I imagine its some sort of cloaking tool which I use Pretty Link Pro for anyway, so we'll see.

    More Bonuses, next up are 4 eBooks:

    1) Monster Commissions - Six Figures 60 Minutes! (How they made 6 figures promoting Frank Kern's Mass Control)

    2) Affiliate Ransack - Super affiliate strategies on how to set things up in less than 45 mins

    3) Article Harvester - Revealed Simon's 10-minute 'tweak', guaranteed to maximize the performance of EVERY single article (I imagine this is Spinning)

    4) The Bulldog Backlink System - Back-linking strategies

    There's more....

    1) Commission Freak 1 Year Subscription - Get access to a full year of Commission Freak!

    "The freak is on a mission to increase your commissions and you get complimentary access to the 'Must Have' insider affiliate membership & newsletter.

    This is currently only available through private invitation"

    I'll look at that later

    And Finally....

    1) Affiliate Profits Predictor

    "As you can see, it's a lesson about learning what your target market wants then either finding it or making it. You can do this in most any niche to help get ideas for new products.

    We are doing our best to have the first beta version of this software ready by mid December. And then the really kick *&^ version will be released in 2011. Software development takes time and we have so many great ideas now thanks to everyone also!

    As long as you are a member of CBCG in 2011 when we release the full version you will get it free!"

    - When he says "member" he means that you have paid the $67 for the course and not asked for a refund, he's not talking about the upsell membership for $47 a month....

    Summary for the main product

    Looks like a fairly comprehensive for new to intermediate users with some good bonuses, I'm particularly interested in the Beta release of the predictor software.

    I'll provide an update on the videos once I've watched them all.

    The backend is a well produced as the sales letter which is good; I hate to see a glamorous sales page and then you get in the backend and its like web design circa 1999.

    And Finally; The OTO Upsell....

    1) ESP Traffic Hijack System

    "The ESP Traffic Hijack System is something we think you’re going to love… It’s a hybrid strategy for driving hordes of targeted visitors to your site/sales page (or affiliate links) that combines the power of Google Adwords/Gmail and a little bit mindset/advertising psychology"

    2) Covert Cash Tactics (Part1)

    "Who says there are ‘secrets’ that should never be shared. As a member of Cashflow Incubator you can rest assured we won’t be holding anything back here (the videos they tried to ban – we got ‘em)"

    Supposedly Black Hat strategies the Super Affiliate use.... hmmmm we'll see.

    3) Covert Cash Tactics (Part 2)

    Part 2!

    4) Welcome to Cashflow Incubator Toolbox

    This is pretty cool to be honest, its a collection of approx 70 tools all laid out nicely on one page. It has a collection of

    # Link Tools
    # Keyword Tools
    # Authority Link Tools
    # Search Engine Tools
    # Website Rank Checkers
    # Multi-Site Rank Checkers
    # Header/Tag Tools
    # IP Tools
    # Miscellaneous Tools
    # Source Code Tools
    # Social Web Tools

    Now, I'm not saying that you couldn't find all these tools for free on the net but having them all side by side on one page is pretty cool. Great for research.

    5) Marketing Seeker

    Again a central place for loads of useful links to How To site's, Forums, Blogs, etc... nothing you couldn't find if you knew where to look or how to search for it on Google but handy to have it all laid out. A great resource for newbie's.

    Summary on the OTO

    Again without commenting on the actual content of the videos (I will update once I've watched them) its a nice layout and appears to have some good content.

    There are other areas like Articles (currently 5 to read) and Downloads (currently empty) which I'm sure will get built out.

    As with any membership site, providing great content and building a relationship with your subscribers is key to retaining them so it will be interesting to see how they get on with that.

    Overall Summary

    If you have been sitting on the fence on this one I recommend giving it a go on the $1 trial and $4.95 trials that I did, if you don't like it then you can easily cancel through Clickbank before they renew (you can do this by clicking on the Support link in your Clickbank receipt).

    I hope you found that useful and I'll be back with an update once I've got through the videos.
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      Many thanks for your comprehensive review of this product - I appreciate it.

      I was concerned (perhaps unduly?) at the number of duplicated testimonials on the sales page.

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        Thank you for the detailed report.

        Now I would like to read your honest review of the system
        that they are salling.

        Hane you made any more today.

        Have you set up the systems and is it workimng>
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          The overview that "Lifechanging" put out just over a week ago showed that this one had some substance.

          But still no real reviews. :confused:



          Bronwyn and Keith
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            I've just had an email for this product.but James Parker's name is on the sales page.
            ( Did he buy a license for it?)

            The price is now $37 with a downsell when you go to leave the page for $17.

            There is an affilliate program but they don't mention any upsells.

            Is this the same product?

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    Sandy, I don't think it's the same product.
    CB Cash Granade is sold out.
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