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by gazap
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Hi all,
have any of you tried a decent article submitting software? I've come across article submitter pro and article post robot however I am rather reluctant to part with my hard earned cash! Any comments, suggestions etc would be much appreciated!
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    I would prefer to use Submit Your Artilces , automatic submission web based tool.

    I hope it helps.

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      cheers Mike fully appreciated
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    Submit Your Article is decent however there is a monthly fee and they limit the number of articles you can submit a month.
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      Originally Posted by mhuktar View Post

      there are no powerful tool than submit is manually article submitting software is a kind of spamming

      I would kindly have to disagree with your statement. I use Article Post Robot successfully, and it is in no way spamming. All this program does is sign in to your account at the article directory and submit your article to the directory. It is basically a huge time saver. Can you imagine how much time it would take to manually submit your article to 350 article directories? I manually submit my articles to the 10 biggest directories, and that takes around 20 minutes.
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    Hello Friends
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  • I prefer the online submission services. The price for online services are pretty amazing seen against the labour you need to put in.
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    this has also been a question I have been troubling with. Thanks for the answers guys
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      I've used Unique Article Wizard and is an effective article posting service
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    Hmm.. May I ask if anyone knows of a free tool for this? I don't have the money to actually pay for it.
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    Well, I use SubmitYour Article - yes, it is pricey ($27? p.m.), but it has some neat "article extending" software. I don't find the restriction arduous.....

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