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Hello friends,

I am looking for a strong toll to create backlinks. Is there somebuddy who can tell me if scrapebox or bookmark daemon will do a better job? Or are they comparable?

Thanks for every answer to find a solid decision.

All the best

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    They are two different tools entirely. Bookmarking demon only submits to social bookmarking sites, both a link and a post.

    To get the most out of it, you need to spend time creating multiple user accounts - this takes time to do, depending on how many you create (the submission engine on BMD is slow as a limping snail).

    BUT it gets the job done for bookmarking - which I don't find to be the best links to get, though they're good for a rounded out link profile.

    Scrapebox will scrape proxies and test them for you (BMD will only test a list of proxies, it won't help you find them). It will scrape URL's to use as targets - ANY URLs that you are looking for, so long as you know what footprint you're looking for.

    It also offers a blog spam tool (er....commenting tool, I mean). In other words, it's designed to mass submit a spun comment to hundreds and hundreds of blogs.

    So, the purpose of Scrapebox is to get blog comment links - and these are great when done correctly (I'd say manually, without using the auto-comment feature). But SB can be used for a lot more than that.

    It scrapes URLs as targets as mentioned, so you can use them in other programs, or use the list of blogs to comment on once you arrange them for DoFollow and PageRank.

    For that reason, it beats BMD (multiple uses). BMD is the best desktop social bookmark submitter I've seen, easily it's alone in its class on that note.

    So it depends on what you plan to use the tools for - if I were to decide, I'd go with Scrapebox since you can always use Amplify, OnlyWire and/or PingFM for bookmarks - all for free.

    Personally, I don't think social bookmarks carry the same weight they used to apart from a certain handful. I'd say Scrapebox.
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      Great info. Thanks a lot.
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        Just bought Scrapebox, WOW. Thankfully I bought BMD a year ago (didn't know how to use it so there it sat). A year later - these things were MEANT for one another.

        I revise my answer. Buy both.

        If you only get one, I'd get SB, but on my desktop are Article Marketing Robot (and I use SB to add more article directories to it - I'm over four thousand at this point), and BMD (I've added over 600 more targets...a friend of mine used her SB to scrape them for me - I was sold).

        BMD still has its place. Look up a guy named "Scritty" in the "bluehat" forum, I think it is - he'll tell you how he uses BMD like nobody's business - but it's used only to index his profile links, that's it (maybe index other types of links).

        It's only useful to index / boost existing links. SB on the other hand you can use to find targets of various stripe:


        Then use them to build other links besides just blog commenting or even working up to a guest post (I plan on using SB to get some high PR guest posts on my review sites - that way I can get traffic from high PR and high trafficked / dofollow blogs before I even rank).
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    Yeah, like Jamesthejust said, its different tools with different function too. But if you need to build backlinks, I suggest you take a scrapebox, its really powerfull for backlinks. SocialBookmarking is too saturated now and you can use free SB tool like OnlyWire for same result but don't expect to much more, since its
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    Like the other guys said, BMD and Scrapebox are completely different.

    If I were you, I'd buy Scrapebox, you get more tools for less money.

    You can scrape links, comment in blogs, spy your competition backlinks, you can ping them and submit them to rss sites. All those tasks are more important than "social bookmarking" (BIG TIME).

    If you're going to tell members to check your signature, this is what they'll see.

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    I'd say Scrapebox is the best bang for buck software on the market right now. There are just soo many features and it's constantly updated. Great all around software imo.
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    Both of them perform well, scrapebox is a good comenting tool and BMdeamon is a good auto BM submitter. They provide satisfactory results in my site, just try both of them and see how it really works.
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      If you are going to buy one go with scrapebox. I have found dozens of high pr links that using different footprints. The results are great.
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    I have purchased scrapebox and it is an awesome must-have software. So, I suggest you buy Scrapebox!
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      Does scrapebox have any addon to equate to auto robot?
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    I'd buy scrapebox first. Both are great tools, but it's hard to compare the two since they aren't very alike.

    Scrapebox is a must have for all internet marketers. Period.
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    Scrapebox has nice addons. But i dont know why i didnt like it. And i sold it at half price. Bookmarkdeamon is i think more usefull. So i would say go for bookmark deamon
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    they are 2 very different programs mate, i suggest you buy both tbh, i use sb to blast high pr articles and blog posts which act as buffers linking to my money site
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    Agreed with Mike... each of these has a place in a larger link building strategy. They don't really overlap.
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    SB is a monster mate. I have both BMD and SB and personally my vote goes to SB just because you can do so much. And play chess at the same time

    Btw, if you looking for a simple version of SB, the guys from SB released a new tool, ScrapeJet. That's on my desktop as
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    Scrapebox is must for all. This is not only a backlinking tool. You can accelerate some tasks of Search engine.

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    Scrapebox is the best, I suggest you get it. it also also has a really got ROI
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      Originally Posted by IMdude123 View Post

      Scrapebox is the best, I suggest you get it. it also also has a really got ROI
      Return on investment is definitely a positive to making any purchase. I would definitely say go for it.
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    I agree, glad you are learning about which one works better!
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    Bookmarking Demon isn't as good as it use to be as Social Bookmarking links are considered low value, also it's submission rate has a high failure rate.

    If I was you, I'd opt for Scrapebox if you have to choose one. It's truly awsome tool that has multiple uses... Just make sure to use proxies to get the most out of it.

    James Scholes
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    I started with Scrapebox (I didn't have enough cash at the start to buy them both).Bought senuke as well was kinda good then.Have to say I recommend you Scrapebox I think it's more powerful and has more features to it.

    Though at the end of the day you will need diversity in links I wrote the same to a different post a couple of minutes ago.So for good enough Seo you will have to buy links or buy enough amount of software to rank it without getting sandboxed

    John Leesom
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    These two products aren't the same. But if you're going to choose between the two, I'd suggest you get scrapebox because you can do a lot of things with it, like:
    - Get EDU/GOV links
    - Find High PR Backlinks
    - Analyze NoFollow links
    - Analyze your competition
    - Scrape keywords
    - and Many many more

    Bookmarking Demon on the other hands, allows you to:
    - Bookmark your site
    - Ping your site and profiles

    I'd invest in the two if I were you.
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    Scrapebox is by far the most versatile tool I have ever used. There is a slight learning curve but there are plenty of resources available to help you learn how to use it.
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