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Is there a review on seo pressor plug in -- does it really work as well as claimed - Its all about SEO but does not seem to regard backlinks as vital
Whats the expeience out there

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    Originally Posted by greenhall View Post

    Is there a review on seo pressor plug in -- does it really work as well as claimed - Its all about SEO but does not seem to regard backlinks as vital
    Whats the expeience out there

    Buy it! It's great. I use it on all my blogs.
    SEO Pressor is about On-page optimization, so it of course does not include backlinks, etc. which would be regarded as Off-page optimization.

    I also would suggest you use the search function of the forum. SEOPressor has a review thread already.


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      SEO Pressor dummy proofs your on page SEO. It is a great plugin.

      I have a client who I quickly taught to use for on page optionization. He is now on page 1 for 4 difficult keyword phrases. One of them has 417 million competing pages...

      He was not even in the top hundred 5 weeks ago, now he is on page 1.

      Now this is not ALL due to SEO Pressor as I have been building backlinks for him as well, but I can tell you that if you want excellent on page optimization for your posts and pages, then this is a definite buy product.

      Don't hesitate on this one, you will be happy that this area of your business is well taken care of.

      DR NET

      The Great Challenge...or the Great Distractions...Which one is winning

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        SEOprocessor is very good. It provides a foolproof way to increase your SEO capability. A no-brainer purchase for anyone who uses WP

        ​​​​​​​ Free and Easy Does Not Exist? What if there is an exception...

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    SEOPressor is good, but not perfect.

    It allows you to boost your on-page optimization for only one particular keyword / key phrase by giving hints. However, not all hints are relevant to particular type of content.

    For large articles it works 100%. You can squeeze into large number of words everything SEOPressor suggests (H1, H2, H3, etc.) For small - not always you can have h2 and h3.

    It also does not have customization of hints, so even if your blog post title is H1 and keyword is automatically given to each post thumbnail, it will tell you, that you "You do not have H1 tag containing your keyword" and "You need to have an image with ALT tag set to your keyword" and decrease your SEO rank. It is easy to handle if you know, that perfectly optimized for your conditions text would have not more than (for example) 52%.

    The best in-built functionality for non-dumbs - keyword density calculator. Limitation - it works only for one keyword. But you can always insert another keyword into text field and check.

    Overall - can recommend if you have outsourced writer.

    Damn good and empty personal blog :)

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    BTW, support completely disappeared. So, if it is critical for you - don't buy.

    And one more thing - plugin inserts to header of your WP reference to its own css and you can't get rid of it.

    Damn good and empty personal blog :)

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      i came across clickbumps homepage- he offers a similar tool which seems to be even more powerful and less pricy...
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        I don't know anything about seopressor, but I do know Clickbump has a similar plug-in that provides you with LSI word list and tells you exactly what you need to add to get good on-page SEO. The whole Clickbump them is optimized for adsense and there are a bunch of great different looks you can add to it. I just got one to get ready for Fall promotions. Anyhow, you can set it up to hide your aff links without it looking goofy and they will we set up no-follow too. As for the author, I can't say enough about how much Scott really tries to help people. I don't use any other theme anymore. It's that versatile. Read at clickbump.com
        Best, Kater
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    SEOPressor has worked very well for me, I actually upgraded to the unlimited version but just found that it seems to have limits cause it will not allow me to place it on my latest site. I have used it in about 10 other sites. I sent an email to support, I notice some of you say it is non existent now, hopefully that won't be the case.
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    It's pretty good but I dont think its worth the price. I mean it has basic SEO reminders such as include your keyword, and make sure you have an image with the ALT tag that contains your keywords (all basic normal SEO thingsyou should know...)

    ---> My blog on making niche sites & ranking them with SEO for a full time income since 2010 !<----

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      I'll support what Kater said. I've not tried SEOPressor, but never knew about this kind of thing until getting the ClickBump plugin, which is excellent.

      I thought I'd take a quick look at the SEOPressor website and see what it does. Before I even started to get to the nitty gritty I noticed some deceptive sales talk, which really annoys me, because it is targeting those who don't really understand what is going on.

      They have a screenshot of Google search box, with 'make money twitter' in the search box - but just the words, no quote marks. Then big red type over the top "Ranked 1 on Google against 224 Million Competing Pages". Yeah, big deal and big deception. The 224M is for those words, in any order, amongst other words.

      Put "make money twitter" in quotes and suddenly it's only 128K as I check now - we know it changes all the time.

      Check how many have it in their URL, with inurl:"make money twitter" and it's down to 10,500.

      Check how many have it in their title, with intitle:"make money twitter" and it's down to 5,800.

      Put the two together and we get 3,760, looks a bit different to 224M. I guess they'd be a bit more discerning if they were discussing payment in dollars!

      Interesting thing is that the exact phrase "make money twitter" gets 880 global monthly searches, so hardly worth targeting as a domain name anyway!

      Why do people do this kind of sales rubbish, I suppose it works, but makes you wonder why they don't offer up some genuinely impressive results.

      Anyway, having got that little rant over, I scrolled on down to see what the product actually did, once leaving la-la land. I'll leave it to you to read it, because I wasn't impressed and don't want to sound too critical ;-)

      I can't see that it does anymore than the ClickBump plugin, in fact quite possibly less and yet is twice the price. I know that the CB one works really well and is so easy to see results - yes, even the obvious things like making sure keywords are there ... but I see little point in having a foolproof onsite SEO plugin that could let a newbie, or tired professional, miss something out. Scott seems to be constantly adding things, like the brilliant LSI suggestion tool, that makes writing a post inside WordPress on the fly so simple.

      Be really interesting to see report from anyone that has tried both, with comparisons.
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    The automatic features in SEOPressor are great, but as was stated above, they do take overhead per impact, which is the reason that I went for clickbump over it...

    Also Clickbump's built-in LSI keyword generation got my attention; having that in the same window while I'm editing an article/post is advantageous to say the least.

    At half the cost, my vote is with Clickbump for sure.


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    I suggest you should try it. It's really easy to use, handy and has less hustle. It doesn'y include backlinks options since it's specialized and programmed for on-page upgrading and backlinks is not included in such.

    Best of Luck!
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