Kim Roache's Traffic Dashboard - partial review.

by copius
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For those fortunate few that belong to the Warrior Forum War Room and happened to pick up Kim Roache's Underground Traffic Black Book, praised her for the unbelievable content within - I must say that her Traffic Dashboard Training Center closely follows the table of contents of her book - in video format with additional PDF files.

Kim has an excellent teaching style, professional video presentation along with (probably) painstaking research to bring various traffic generation techniques to light.

A caveat - I've read the book and am impressed. I've gone through the first three videos and am equally impressed!

For those of you that have read the book - please comment. And, I seriously doubt that there will be any negativity whatsoever!

Here ... Table of Contents from her book which is closely followed, in video format, in the Traffic Dashboard Training Center.

(The Best Place On the Web to Get Free Press...)

2. Ad Swaps
(The Best Way to Add 300-500 Subscribers To Your List in a Single Day...)

3. Autoresponder Swaps
(Put Your Ad Swaps on Autopilot...)

4. Tweet Swaps
(The Power of Social Media Partnerships...)

5. Ezine Advertising
(You Could Use this One Strategy Alone to Build Your Entire Business...)

6. Free WSO's
(The #1 Traffic Strategy That You Probably Aren't Using...)

7. Online Marketplaces
(Untapped Traffic Source...)

8. High-Profile Content Syndication
(Cause Traditional Article Marketing Just Doesn't Cut It Anymore...)

9. Ebook Syndication
(Repurpose Your Content for Maximum Exposure...)

10. Document Sharing Sites
(Grab Some Extra Google Rankings with these Authority Websites...)

11. Tutorial Sites
(A HUGE Untapped Traffic Source...)

12. Link Roundup
(Cool Traffic Trick...)

13. CSS Galleries
(Untapped Source of traffic and links...)

14. Instant Content Creation
(Create Content On Demand...)

15. Video Marketing
(How to Get Massive Traffic From Videos...)

16. Cool Site of the Day
(Get Your Site Recognized...)

17. Integration Marketing
(The Key to Creating Perpetual Traffic Machines...)

18. Rocket Deals
(Put Your Traffic On Autopilot...)

19. Post Launch Profits
(Multiply the Power of Any Product Launch...)

20. Automate Your Social Media Marketing with Fiverr, MicroWorkers, and

21. Buy Existing Websites
(How to Buy Existing Traffic Assets...)

22. Automate Your Marketing
(Now It's Time to Put Your Traffic on Autopilot...)

I guess that you can tell - I'm a FAN!
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  • Profile picture of the author Melody
    Just bought it and have not had time to go through it yet - had that Turkey thing to cook....but in a quick glance, I would say that it lives up to Kim's reputation, and I am looking forward to diving in. The price was just a total 'no brainer'!

    Our first "Digital Yard Sale"! A massive PLR Blowout Sale to help a friend pay medical expenses.
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  • Profile picture of the author ruch1v
    I have no doubt this will be awesome, everything Kim puts out is fantastic

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    • Profile picture of the author copius
      Just finished watching video 4 on guest blogging. I gotta' say this girl knows her stuff!

      If you are familiar with Derek Franklin's Search Monster Guide which gives a considerable insight into how to use Google's search engine - well Kim takes it to another level with respect to finding guest posting for specific niches.

      I gotta' admit - this is the best investment I've made in quite some time!

      Why is this important? Guest Blogging?

      Let's just say it's the next generation, an evolution, of article marketing.

      Again, if you are a war room member, grab the book and if you want to escalate your traffic building expertise - grab the video training.

      Yes, I am promoting this as an affiliate. No, there are no direct links here.
      I have no compunction whatsoever about earning a commission from her just from the knowledge that I've received from the book alone.

      What I am doing here is a courtesy to Kim because - well, I do get something out of it - good will - good reputation - I own an inordinate amount of traffic training material and, so far, in total, nothing compares.
      Change Your Thinking - Change Your Life! Yeah, Really!

      Mind Method Help
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  • Profile picture of the author Gary Pettit
    Can some please post a non affiliate link to this product for purchase....thanks
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    • Profile picture of the author copius
      Originally Posted by sparkie2260 View Post

      Can some please post a non affiliate link to this product for purchase....thanks
      This is Kim's home site -
      Traffic Dashboard is Traffic Dashboard

      I didn't realize it but there are two parts to the Guest Blogging video training.

      She's got an article on ProBlogger. Think that might bring in a little traffic?
      Search Results buzzblogger
      Change Your Thinking - Change Your Life! Yeah, Really!

      Mind Method Help
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  • Profile picture of the author Gary Pettit
    Thanks Copius...I just purchased and Ihave to say it looks like it's gonna be pretty good. I was shocked that the price was so low but happy at the same
    I've heard of Kim Roach but this is my first training I've purchased from her.
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  • Profile picture of the author newbeedave
    I thank all you warriors for good info. in kim's vides she say's you don't have to deal with seo, tweeter, glogging,social media, and soo on. every thing she say's you don't have to deal with is what she is teaching you in her videos. I'm new I don't like the idea of hours of blogging, is their any way around that or do I just have to get over it and learn blogging to?
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  • Profile picture of the author entrepreneurjay
    Does Kim have an affiliate program in place for this?

    Free Quick Start Guide To Creating A Profitable High Converting Sales Funnel That Makes Money.
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  • Profile picture of the author lefty359
    newbeedave, there's plenty to the "dashboard" besides blogging. The ebook video alone is simply great.
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