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Greetings warriors!!!
first of all, another word of thanks for help i have recieved from other warriors, and the business you guys have given me. it is very appreciated. i'm far from some rich guru, so working part time and the money i recieved from you guys helps me pay the bills.


here are the tools i use on a regular basis successfully.
senuke pro 127/month
i have become very good at using senuke and i love the interface for it's ease of use. in fact, i'm not even sure i will download senuke x when it becomes available. it's costly, but i enjoy it very much. it does a number of things for me fast and easy, and the success rate is generally pretty high.

magic submitter 67/month
magic is a good senuke alternative. with the recent update they added pdf sites, and more micro blogs and sites to submit to. they also have press release sites. the submission success rate is ultra high, and the sites get indexed quickly. you can also add sites into the ntework with a few minor programing details. very effective and the best value software i own.

the best spinner
i use the manual spinning option on the best spinner to make my content unique. it takes longer than the auto spin function but it produces highly readable and uniuqe content. highly reccomended. just use the "easy spin" function with every article and you'll be ok.

uniuqe article wizard 67;/month
i like uaw since the content gets picked up and indexed quickly. can't say that by itself it raises ranks tremendously, but it does have some effect. i just wrtie 5 paragraphs in best spinner, then easy spin them and this speeds up the submssion process. in my opionion it's worth the expense.

article video robot: $47/97 per month
with this tool you can take an article and make a reading video of it. i'm thinking about dropping it once i test out article bot and gfx writer from incansoft. it only submits to a few sites, so in essence more than likely after i test the new bots i'm done with it. however it is nice to have a voice over on videos. that's the only reason i keep it lol

article marketing robot: $77
this is a tool from a warrior vince. I CANNOT RECCOMEND THIS TOOL ENOUGH. it does what it says it does and has a good success rate. the content is indexed ULTRA fast and the success rate is good. on top of that, vinces' support is unlike anything i have ever experienced. i have never had to wait more than 10 minutes for a response. pick it up. it's better than any other article submission software i have ever bought.

that's about it. now...

with senuke, i submit to web 2.0 sites, article sites, and use the rss and video nukes. every single submission i bookmark and create and submit rss feeds for (more below)

with magic, same things. i submit to all available services, book mark and rss. (ping too)

with uaw i just submit one article a day submitted to 50 directories

with AMR i submit genearlly to about 50 sites a day or so, the ones that in my initial submit were succesful. i can't stress enough how highly effective this software is. talk to vince. pick it up. you'll be glad you did.

with avr i create one video a day, then submit it using senuke and magic. i then bookmark the urls and rss them when they are available, as well as ping them.

on the rss feeds, i do a few things. i use areeb's site from senuke to take URLS and convert them to multiple rss feeds. i then use feed mingle to mix them all to one. then i take all areeb's rss feeds, and the feed mingle site feed, and submit them all to magic and senuke. in my oppinion you can never do too much rss. i have ranked sites almost entirely on rss feeds alone.

i also submit one article a day to ezine articles, and 5 articles to go articles.


the site i have been working on for one month has 3 keywords ranked top 10, and one keyword ranked 2, one keyword ranked 1 according to this site now has 197 inlinks according to yahoo exploererr, and started with 15 when i began using the software.

i have also gotten #1 ranks for two keywords for a friends' site of mine, after only 4 weeks.

i've gotten top 20 ranks for 5 keywords for an offline client using this method after 5 weeks in highly competitive niches.

software i'm going to test:

video bot and gfx writer from icansoft. apparently they submit to many more video sites.

traffic geyser: thinking about it. i hear they have a wide reach of video sites to submit to and a great success rate...however is it really worth a hundred bucks a month? not sure.

nuclear links from a warrior casey. i cannot wait till this comes out. i'm holding my breath to have a shot at the beta version. it will start submitting 10,000 profile sites. can't wait to try it out.

nuclear link blaster from mr. choon: thinking about it for $297 pro version. not sure if i want to spend the money. all the honest reviews i cannot find, only affiliates promomoting it.

anyway that's about it. i'm no seo expert by any means, but i am a software junky, and have studied seo software and seo methods for a year now. i'm starting to get confident that i can raise any ranks on any site wtih my methods. hopefully this post will encourage discussion, as well as any software that you cannot live without. any reccomendations? like i said i'm a software junky and always looking for new ones

happy holidays, and God bless.

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    Hey Mattj,

    Good job. But you seem to pay for tools that, in essence, do the same thing (magic submitter and Senuke). To save money, shouldn't you just choose one tool and save on money?
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    I like some things of each tool, though honestly I am getting exceptional results from majic and am considering dropping senuke as a result.

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    You missed one VERY important one: Market Samurai.
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    yah i was considering picking up market. i think for now i will make my next purchases video bot and gfx video writer and test them out, with the plans to drop avr. any more suggestions on cool link building software anyone?

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      Originally Posted by mattjay View Post

      any more suggestions on cool link building software anyone?
      SEO Link Robot
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        Originally Posted by MikeFriedman View Post

        SEO Link Robot
        its looking gud any one have experience with this ?
        Signature Social Media Reseller Panel - 30+ Services
        Facebook, Youtube like/dislike/ safe views , Twitter, Instagram
        Google Plus, Pinterest, Instagram, Vimeo, Vine​
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    Your post is very informative. Thank you. I've learn a lot from this post
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    thanks for the tip.i'll check it out. today i am going to pick up incansoft's gfx video writer and video bot. i will report on my impressions with the first run. any other software's you guy's can't live without, i'm looking for submission software...articles, videos, web 2.0, profiles...etc....

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    i would also like to hear other's experiences with link robot. isn't this the one that does web 2.0 sites and other sites as well? what is the success rate with it? doesn't it cost $200 one time? does it do auto captchas?

    would like to hear more on this software before i buy it.

    i'm still waiting for a fellow warrior's profile link building software to come out. i can't wait. it sounds exciting. another software he developed and put out is getting rave reviews, so i'm hopeing this one will be succesful. like i said i looked at nuclear link blaster or whatever by the mr choon guy, it just looks ultra complicated.


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      Launch Plan: Watch Me Build A Business From Zero To 5k Per Month​​​
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      Originally Posted by mattjay View Post

      i would also like to hear other's experiences with link robot. isn't this the one that does web 2.0 sites and other sites as well? what is the success rate with it? doesn't it cost $200 one time? does it do auto captchas?

      would like to hear more on this software before i buy it.

      I've owned it for about 2 weeks. I've been very pleased with it.

      It does do Web 2.0 sites, RSS submissions, and social bookmarking. Currently there are 25 Web 2.0 sites. Steve is planning on adding more and has stated he would like to get the number up to about 35 or 40. I have run it several times on the Web 2.0 sites. Lowest success rate I got was 22 out of the 25 sites successfully signed up to. I have had 100% success rates on all articles posted to the sites. And yes, it does do auto captchas through Decaptcher.

      There were two reasons I bought this. First of all, it was a one-time payment. Secondly, Steve uses this software himself for his own SEO business. Therefore, besides wanting to give great customer service, he also has a vested interest in the software staying updated and working properly.

      Hope that helps.
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    hmmm.i never had success with linkvine after testing it for one month. i also tested linkvana and buildy my ranks. i had a little success but nothing to me that justified the cost of each program. my most success with these types of networks has been UAW, as far as increasing ranks and traffic.

    still thinking about steve hawkins program...may give it a run.

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    thank you very much for your honest input.

    okay you convinced me. i will give steve's software a go and report back
    thanks again

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      Hey Matt, you've forgotten to report back

      We're curious to hear your views!
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    still haven't bought the steve hawkins program...though i've heard it is effective from many sources. i will pick it up this new year and give it a whirl. starting to have excellent results from Nuclear link blaster. i get 50% success (which the owners tell me is about par with the sites built into it) and i post about 60 live profile links a day or so. starting to move the old ranks
    never had much success with sick submitter though there are strong oppinions against mine on the subject. in my mind the one time cost of NLB is much better investment than sick's monthly subscription. just my oppinion.

    matt jersan

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    great tips and recommendation! thanks for your sharing

    echo "hell ZERO world";

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