Adwords coming after Forex affiliates - MMO next?

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I was just talking to a friend of mine who makes a truckload of money with PPC.

He's not an idiot, he knows how to get high quality scores, beat slaps, make quality sites/landing pages, all the rest.

He told me he'd just put up a new campaign in the forex niche - perfect site, meeting all the guidelines - and had the Ads declined. Adwords told him he was promoting a "get rich quick" scheme.

He's been in the forex niche for a long time and has never seen anything like it.

He said having a look at their terms of service, there is a section that discusses outlandish income claims. Surprise surprise, Google hates that.

Specifically, the adwords rep said:

" In response to multiple complaints received from users and publishers about this category of ads, our policies no longer allow sites that promote, the sale of free items, and other business models about which we have received multiple complaints. At this time, it is Google's policy to not accept ads that make unverifiable, misleading claims about income opportunities for low risk and minimal effort."

My question: Where does this leave ppc affiliates in the IM space? If Forex is a get rich quick scheme and all of those crazy IM clickbank products are not, I'll be VERY surprised.


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