Push button e-mailer? any review please.

by Yasir Farooq 7 replies
Has anyone used "Push button e-mailer"? I am going to buy it, please give your review, is it legit or scam? They said I can send 10,000 e-mails per day with their software?

here is the link (Bulk Email | Push A Button. | You're Done...)

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    That looks like it can get you in hot water quick.
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      I'm not sure how I feel about this product, however it did catch my attention long enough to read the entire sales page and watch all the videos.

      With $39 dollars a month membership plus $10 more a month for their hosting plus $15 per year for a domain you have to purchase through them....I'd like to hear more reviews and thoughts on this product first.

      Watching the video that takes you through the backoffice shows some pretty cool features and a very sophisticated software program.

      Would like to hear from someone who owns this
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    I think you should use aweber or similar system as it will make your operation more legit and the biggest problem with these kinds of product is that your emails will end up in spam folder more often than not. Even if you have a legit list. For all else it might work.
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    Seems to be a whole new twist on Bulk Email | Push A Button. | You're Done... in 2013 ... of course it sounds way too good to be for real and if you earn $200 a pop, I think it's going to be hard to find an honest review, has anyone on here tried it?
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      Based on their salespage it sounds great,


      The $200 commission could provoke dishonest reviews because with that temptation any program becomes great,

      The money made is with the sales of the program, and not from the leads that the program delivers,

      And the $97 per month subscription for 1,200 targeted monthly leads and the many other features could be too low,

      The testimonials all speak of the leads that are received, but none mention the money that are being made with those leads,

      They all could be junk, worthless leads,

      It is not the amount of traffic or leads, it is how producing they are!

      Your friend,

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        I recently tested out a similar service and got pretty poor results. I got a few emails about it from someone I thought was pretty honest so I'm thinking about giving it a shot but am still looking for a review of how well the 'leads' performed in any of the popular mmo offers...

        ...so is there anybody out there using this service to sell other stuff?

        Just a humble internet marketer :) I also enjoy pumping iron, reading, smoking cigars, drinking beer, shooting guns, and taking long walks on the beach.

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