Earn1KaDay vs Chris Farrell.... anyone?

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Hey so, I've seen rave reviews about both membership sites, and I would like to hear opinions. I've never seen these two compared before, so I'm lookin forward to this.
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    Originally Posted by FalconPunch View Post

    Hey so, I've seen rave reviews about both membership sites, and I would like to hear opinions. I've never seen these two compared before, so I'm lookin forward to this.
    Hi Falcon

    I was a member of Chris Farrell's membership site for 2 yrs and if you want a very good IM person to show how its all done that would be the way to go but if you go to his site there are a lot of good free info there so you can see that you will get value.

    I have not heard of Earn1kayaday so I can not comment there

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    This is something I'd like to know as well

    If money grew on trees, we'd all die from a lack of oxygen.

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      I couldn't recommend Chris Farrel enough as he is the BEST teacher that i have come across as it pertains to teaching internet marketing.

      The problem I come across in terms of these internet marketing courses is that these so called Guru's may be great money makers, but they are HORRIBLE teachers. Absolutely horrible. It really makes me appreciate the art of teaching, as it really is a difficult talent that most people don't have. I'll admit that i don't have it. I'm in the majority.

      But Chris is definitely not and he is the single best internet marketing teacher that i have come across, and i have experienced pretty much all of them over the years in some capacity. He has a way of organizing his content (in his membership site) that makes complete sense to me. You won't get lost in there, or keep saying to yourself, "now what?" He lays it all out for you. You can tell he has thought out how best to lay out the information for the newbie in mind. Most, if not all, don't do that. They just "splash" it all out there, making you figure it all out.

      And he is fantastic in explaining difficult or abstract concepts and making them understandable. He really shines here. And he won't gloss over ideas thinking that you might understand most of what he is saying. He captures every detail and lays it out in a very logical manner so that it makes the most sense to anyone, whether you are new to internet marketing or not.

      Now for me, given that i know a lot about driving traffic and such, i took the course because of the technical challenges that i have. I don't feel that i am that challenged anymore, as he explains how to do that stuff very very well.

      And he is always adding to the membership site. I don't want to turn this into a book, so suffice it to say that you will definitely get your moneys worth with him, and i don't say that about too many "gurus" out there.
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    i agree
    i just signed up with chris farrel
    great site and best of all, great customer service.
    your e-mail will be answered in a couple of hours. i heard with other coaches, you pay your monthly fee and they exchange a few e-mails with you and that is it.
    chris is the real deal.
    very happy with his site.
    i will keep you guys updated.
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      Apples to oranges. E1KaD is a great membership to be in (I love it) but it's not a teaching/coaching type of thing like I have heard Farrell's membership is.
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    About the Chris Farrell Membership, a lot of people say it's good, but they haven't really taken action or if they have they aren't sharing what they've done with his training. So I will...

    I've developed a successful, full-time internet marketing business with several profitable websites and the Chris Farrell membership played a significant part in that.

    Sorry, I haven't tried the E1KaD site.
    Want to Create a Profitable Online Course?


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  • I am not familiar with Earn1KaDay but I am very familiar with Chris Farrell. I have been a member for over two years and I really have learned a lot. When I first signed up I knew nothing really about IM. I did not know any of tech stuff and I had no idea how go about starting an online business. He really takes you by the hand and teaches you. He has the unique ability to teach on any level you are. He is also constantly updating his membership with the most current techniques. I think that is really important as IM is constantly changing. I have been a very happy member!!
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    I too was a member of Chris Farrell's membership site. It is certainly pretty thorough - the only thing I thought was poor was the traffic generation section. I found it hard to believe that writing a few articles etc would generate much traffic at all......and I was right.

    When I cancelled my membership I commented on this to Chris but never received a reply.
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      1K a Day would buy a lot of beer. How easy is this to achieve?
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          If you are looking to start or to get some proper guidance then I would go with Chris farrell.
          His teaching is really K.I.S.S (keep it simple stupid) plus I think there is everything you need on his membership site
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    The Chris Farrell membership site is one of the best, i was a member for a year.
    Good content, over delivers, the site is one of the best laid-out membership sites
    that you could wish to see. Chris has his own unique way of presenting his sites content. Anyone just starting, would certainly get a good grounding with his site.
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    chris sounds like a lovely man.
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