e-junkie service outage phone line... any good?

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e-junkie has a service outage phone number. But it's a "leave a message and someone will call you back" type of number.

I'm wondering if anybody knows if they are good at getting back to you quickly from this phone number.

So far, 1shoppingcart is they only shopping cart provider with a well-estabished digital-download process I can find that doesn't hide from it's public in terms of a live phone line. I find it peculiar, because I can be paying the same or less per month for some other aspect of my business, and it's not an intergalactic challenge to talk to someone on the phone.

Sure you have to pay for upgraded levels of phone support with 1shoppingcart, but at least you *can* pay for this level of service.

Commercial transactions are serious business. I think it's sensible to be able to talk live with someone on the phone if there is a problem with your shopping cart.

I'd be comfortable paying $1 per minute with a $10 minimum per call if I knew I could call when I need to talk to them, not when it's convenient for them to get back to me.
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