Options Trading As A Business - Kirt Christensen

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he promises to teach you 5-10% monthly returns and his pre-sale videos seem impressive. Has anybody been through the course? If so, what is your honest opinion of it?
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    I've been through it. Stand up guy, great product worth checking out
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    If you want to learn options trading, speak to an options trading expert. There are people out there who have been trading options day in, day out for decades. Then there are information marketers who often sell an idea.

    Very recently Kirt's dining out story was about selling a website - something to do with diamonds - now he's suddenly an options trading expert?

    It's very likely that there are plenty of other courses out there taught by those who have actually traded successfully for a number of years. Go with them.

    And if Kirt is teaching how to *sell* options, run the other way.
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    You should at least try it. Who knows, maybe it's a really nice offer. But just be careful at all the time. Just try it and be patience in waiting. Good luck and also more power to you. Tell us the results.

    Best of Luck!
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    If you don't know anything about trading, stay away from the options and futures markets if you don't want to loose your mind and money. If you are just starting out trading you don't start with these markets they are far too dangerous for novice traders.
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