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Has anyone ever used seojuice.net? If yes, what has been your experience?
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    I've been using it for a little over a month now. The keywords I'm targeting are high competition so it's too early to give conclusive results feedback, but things are looking good so far. #10 for my main keyword in Yahoo and Bing. Google seems to be dancing with my site so not much happening there at this point.

    This service puts the emphasis on building links over a longer time frame, with white hat, high quality links.
    So I think this is for websites you are committed to over the long term.

    - Monthly report is very comprehensive, detailing every link and giving an overall summary/breakdown.
    - Links very white hat, relevant and high quality. Spun articles readable and useful. Comments are pertinent to the blog post. Forum profiles get created on relevant forums and get used to make posts in those forums. Web 2.0 links have a unique comment attached
    i.e. every link I checked was attached to a useful piece of information.
    - Customer service. David is very responsive and gives a lot of detailed feedback and opinion
    - Large number and variety of links.
    - Decent number of URLs can be linked to
    - 'Set and forget' ongoing nature of the link building both useful and (potentially) more effective over the long term

    - No information in the report as to indexing or stick rates of links. This would add work and hence cost to the service though I guess. I think indexing/sticking will be good in any case, but confirmation of this would be ideal.
    - No blog posts. Ideally for a 'one-stop-link-building-shop' there would be blog posts on PR blogs included.
    - Not suitable to fast results for competition keywords. You need patience.
    - Still to early to judge performance (I think 3 months+)

    I'm happy but it's still to early for a conclusive review. The final proof will be in the SERPS over time. If I remember I'll report back in a couple of months.

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    Thanks for the review on our service Liam.

    I am here to answer any questions that you may have also.

    The service is however currently closed for new applications to protect the service quality of our existing clients. I should be able to re-open mid-Jan though (just check seojuice.net for the subscribe links).

    Pros seem to be on par with our aims so that is great. As for the Cons, these are all things we are looking at in the near future so the fact that you brought them up is confirmation we need them.

    To reiterate, the service currently does not contain an indexed links rate and unique blog posts, these are things we have been planning to include in the near future.

    Any further questions/reviews most welcome..

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      I have also been using SEOJuice for a little over a month. I've seen good results for the first site I submitted, but it's too early to tell for the 5 more I added a couple of weeks ago. Dave has been great about personally answering my questions and providing additional information. He has also been very responsive in providing custom link packages to address my individual needs.

      The quality of the links is excellent ... no spam here. Because of the high trust level that Dave has already demonstrated, I expect to be using this service for a long time and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it.

      PS. RichSoon - best of luck with your fitness site. It looks very nice.
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    How many sites can I add to the site in the cheapest package?
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      Originally Posted by AlexBarboza View Post

      How many sites can I add to the site in the cheapest package?
      I believe each package is for just one site. I used the cheapest starter package for my first site (a site that was already making money but just needed more traffic). When I wanted to submit 5 more sites, Dave designed a separate custom package for those sites. Hope that helps answer your question.
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        Originally Posted by barbdear View Post

        I believe each package is for just one site. I used the cheapest starter package for my first site (a site that was already making money but just needed more traffic). When I wanted to submit 5 more sites, Dave designed a separate custom package for those sites. Hope that helps answer your question.
        That's correct, so if you have a special requirement, I can do an evaluation of your keywords, competition, and link requirements to build a custom package to suit.

        For the Starter package at www.SeoJuice.net this is restricted to just one website with a max of three URLs with unlimited anchor-text.

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    Just a quick review of SEO Juice's link building services.

    I have been learning SEO for almost one year now. I used to outsource SEO work on ODesk but then I realised how bad the quality was. Some of these so called "SEO guys" could not string together a three word sentence together. The quality of work was very poor and I soon realised I needed a change of plan.

    After being on SEO Juice for almost 2 months now, I'm seeing superb results. The quality of report is very detailed. There are several variation for building backlinks and all of this gives you higher rankings. Recommendation for onpage optimisation were brilliant too.

    So what have I achieved?
    3 out of 4 keywords are within top 10, one keyword is in top 5 and I'm confident they will all be in top 3 within a few short months. The price is very reasonable and service quality is excellent as team is based in Oz and they speak perfect English which is a bonus!

    You pay for quality with these guys. This is a good honest review and I would be happy to act as a reference if required.
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    I'd just like to give you my experience with SEOJuice..

    I signed up with them in November for 2 of my affiliate sites. I was very impressed with their knowledge and detailed SEO for my sites. I love the fact that I can email Dave whenever I have an SEO question and he will reply within the day with a constructive response. SEOJuice really care for their clients and it is obvious that they seek and find positive results for all of their clients.

    So what have they done for my websites?

    Well, I was on the Jucy package as first with my 2 affiliate sites, he actually gave me some advise on how the pages were structured, this boosted my conversion rate to at least double what it was before that. Although I still wasn't getting much traffic or exposure for my keywords (albeit competitive) after a whole month I was very concerned whether I had fallen for another scam. :/

    Dave reassured me that the rankings were moving up (although slowly at first) and he sent me the monthly report. I signed up for 800 backlinks and was thinking that there was no way this would happen and I was ready to hit the cancel button because I really couldn't justify the price at the time.

    The report came on time, sure enough. A massive report set out containing 856 real backlinks :O, I must of spot checked at least half of them (took about an hour!!!) and my link appeared in every single one! Most were already indexed by Google and Dave showed me where my pages had improved!

    I now had complete faith in SEOJuice and I built 3 more affiliate sites the following month.

    By the time the next month rolled around one of my keywords was number 3 for a highly competitive term and the rest of my keywords were in the top ten! (except one in 12th spot). Soon after, I was receiving 1-2 sales per day and could more than justify the price of SEOJuice.

    I spent the money on outsourcers to complete my other sites and I signed up for the big package. I am now making nearly double the cost of SEOJuice and it's rising each month.

    I know I am a long shot from my goals but it finaly feels like I've made it in IM!
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      I signed up with seojuice a week ago and through out the week, I was bothering Dave with lots of newbie questions. He sincerely replied with detailed answers to my question and never seem to be impatient. I will probably report back in 3 weeks time when I get my report from Dave.

      ps: is seojuice.net down? I can't seem to access the web or email dave today...kinda worried.. hope its just a server problem
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