3 Way Links...Has Anyone Tried it?

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3 Way Links

I ran across this not too long ago and it looks like it might be the answer I've been looking for.

I was wondering if any other warriors had tried it, and if they had, what kind of success they had with it. Thanks in advance for any advice. Much appreciated.
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    Yep, I use it on several of my niche sites. Works great.

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      Thanks for the input, Tim. Appreciated. Anyone else have any experiences? Positive or negative?

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    David, just make a search in the Review forum, there are some thread about it there.

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    Used it and found it to be no help to me at all. I bet I will be the only complainer, but honestly I really found no use for the monthly fee for what it was supposed to have done.
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    Hello Friends
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    3waylinks do works! However, beware that they didn't mention about not accepting "faith related content" site.. If you are promoting Yoga, Traditional Chinese Medicine or Native Medicine, you may have some hard time getting in.

    They only provide links to main domain, no deep links feature.

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