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Does anyone have any experience with Imnica Mail? And would you recommend it?
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    Originally Posted by stews View Post

    Does anyone have any experience with Imnica Mail? And would you recommend it?
    Yes and Yes


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    Imnica is great. Richelo Killian is a member here and runs a good business. He's extremely responsive for tech support issues.
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    ...and you can't beat the price either. True it's not as "pretty" as aWeb/GR HOWEVER, it kills both with ease of use, responsive support and no weird billing system that works when you sign up but then fails.
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      I'm very happy with Imnica

      Having been online for around 10 years now, I've seen people come in here with 8 weeks online experience and always quote XYZ is the best! ... How do they know?, How many have they tried?

      I've tried most of the big companies and even had my own for a while (untill hackers wrecked it for me)

      After that i moved to Imnica and I'm very happy with Richello's service!

      (I wasn't unhappy with Aweber - but I prefer to keep the extra cash in my pocket thanks, and as for all the analytics - they're great when you have a list of 10's of thousands.. But let's get real - would you really split test and send out multiple messages to your list of a few hundred, and honestly think the results were accurate enough to gauge some real opinions from??)

      Personally - I'll be sticking with Imnica for the forseeable future

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        I have been very happy with Imnica mail and have been using it just over one year. It's a great service at a great price.

        I don't have any experience with the competitors but have no reason to try any others.
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    It's Imnica all the way for me. They were my first autoresponder and will hopefully be my last. Two important factors are price and support for me...Richelo, a fellow Warrior, delivers both in spades!


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