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I have of course several lists with aweber, but, I bought a website with an absolutely ridiculous amount of traffic. I'm not saying I'll have a list of hundreds of thousands, but I want to prepare for it. I hear that there are some email marketing companies that have a higher delivery rate than aweber. Anyone want to fill me in on some experiences? OH, and one more thing......

Let's just say this site i own has ALOT of different topics, some of them aren't related to each other at all. So, I don't want to send the same follow up emails to everyone. I think my designer told me she could do this, but i'm wondering if maybe I can get the user to select what type of "products" or "niches" they would be interested in receiving updates on. Anyone got helpful tips for this?

I could care less about saving money. I'm talking about absolutely the best I can get here. Thanks guys! I know i'll get some great responses, I always do here!
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