Anyone have user feedback on Elite Niche Research?

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Hi guys,

Is there anyone here who has direct experience with Elite Niche Research?
Is it really good or another load of hype?
Comments from past users only thanks guys
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    It's a good product. Super easy to use if you are targeting high converting ClickBank Products.
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      Its a great course. He teaches some really great techniques on how to find the best products to promote.

      I use his techniques to find highly searched/low competition physical products and it has already been very helpful to me. Good luck.
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    Hi Keithoz88,

    My early impressions are "Elite Niche Research" is a very serious, sober and simple access course. The good spirit of Andrew Hansen & Josh Stanton and their teaching are very valuable ! That is rare enough to be worthy of note. Basic concepts are clearly explained from the outset and provide a good base to become more proficient. A quick recap of what has been learned is proposed at the end of each video as a compass. Practical case studies are detailed and accurate. Moreover there is no additional upsell and tools they advises are free.

    I must continue to give you a more detailed return.
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    Highly recommend it, great straightforward useful info, plus, these guys are very honest and provide great value.

    The simplest answer is usually the correct one.

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    I cannot recommend it enough. Really changed my whole mindset on niche research and affiliate marketing.
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    I will be honest and say that I have not yet invested in the course. However, I have been on Andrew's list for a while and he is someone I respect alot who seems to genuinely try to provide good info. I will almost certainly buy the course in the near future.
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    There was another thread about this before, and I said it was a good product. It makes you think outside the circle of traditional Clickbank and Amazon products.
    Want a 13 Part FREE Internet Marketing Course - Taught By A PREMIER CLICKBANK SUPPER AFFILIATE? Did I mention taught through VIDEOS?
    Yup, I'm not hyping things up for you. Click here to check it out!
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      Hello Friends,

      I am new to IM arena.. I would like to learn IM strategies..

      I have come across this Elite Niche Research topic and got curious..

      I wanted to know how this course is designed.

      Will it be helpful for the newbies like me?

      Has anyone made $ after this course following the tips and tricks given in this?

      Please provide your feedback which will help me..

      I will purchase this once I hear from you guys..

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    Guys pls suggest what Domain name you're using after using this project.
    Coz the creator literally ask u to go for product name. Choosing product name in the domain name..will it be ok?
    Is it legally right??

    Offering my 2 cents to the IM Community

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    This product is highly recommended...
    It will teach you to think outside the box with your research...

    I won't go into a detailed review (there is another thread about this) but know this, this will be one of the best $77 you'll ever spend...


    And yes I have used the system and I use its strategies almost every week...
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