The 2010 - The Copy, Paste And Profit Year

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Would like to know who the hell invented this particular way of selling products online but damn they got away with it. The famous "copy, paste and profit" was king in 2010 and like everyone here already know, the 99.9% products offered under this scheme are nothing but trash.

So before the year ends I want to help me to list here all the crap softwares that have done nothing but promise quick and easy money without doing anything for a price of USD$ 29 - $ 39. Will continue this trend for 2011? I hope this is over ... let me start right now and share your opinions

Traffic Siphon
Auto Cash Funnel (you should see this)
Massive Passive Profits
Turbo Commissions
Total Traffic Anihilation
Zero Cost Commissions

Please continue...
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    You can add Stealth Profit Machines
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    I really dont understand why clickbank does not make a review of this garbage before and after the release. If you check the Top Performers on clickbank you see all this I think Is clickbank contributing to cheat on us?
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      In the Review product: do a search for:
      Copy Paste Traffic

      I included additional stuff of this kind.

      Media Traffic Meltdown (media buying: Soren Jordanser)
      Super Affiliate Sniper

      I have bought some of those products looking for the "Magic Button" dream.

      The products that I bought each had something different from the others that could be useful for experienced marketers. Newbies, like me, are challenged.

      I think that some were setup so fast by the vendor that some areas didn't work correctly, support was less than satisfactory, and there were training areas that seem like a maze: you didn't how to start or where to go after
      part I.

      Some upsells and upgrades didn't have any additional value.

      On one of the products I bought the upsell and didn't receive any instructions on how to benefit from it.

      The problem with these offers is that Clickbank could ban your account if you buy these junkies that won't work for you and you keep asking for refunds.

      AT the beginning of this trend I thought that since they were sold through ClickBank there was some kind of valueness in them as per advertisings.

      But the only Guarantee that one has is the refund. But I wanted the reality as advertised of the product. Not the refund.

      Guess I have to keep with the hard work and stop daydreaming on those "Magic Button, 3 click to insane profits for newbies systems".


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    You could anything that claims to be "push button" or "lazy man's guide to" (as if there are no lazy women in the world) or "13 clicks away from a fortune!"


    Before you can become unstoppable, you have to get started!

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