Dominating Video - Support Thread Here?

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Dominating Video by Alex Goad and Mark Dulisse is a content packed course.

But I'm finding there's not quite the support I'd like. If you have any questions, your basically on your own. I was told Mark is too buzy to answer individual emails (understandably, he has a young family) and my email support requests are still to be responded to.

I am getting a lot out of the course. A question to the WF moderators - can I create a support thread here for DV here?

To kick things off, a couple of questions :

1. How long does it take for your video to be indexed by Google after submitting the video sitemap to them? My first video took just a day last year but the second one is yet to be indexed after two days... I just hope Google isn't sandboxing sites with the "GVS" fingerprint.

2. What happens if you already have a video on Youtube and re-upload it to your site to be indexed by Google. Will that be regarded as duplicate content?

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