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This is to anyone using AMR. I am about to purchase AMR to send traffic to hubpages and squidoo and need to know how this is done. I see that you must set up a email from your cpanel. The question I have is does the email that you set up from your domain have to relate to the niche you are doing since I will be setting up different hubpages and squidoo lens do I need a different email for each niche which would require a new domain for each niche or can you set up different emails from one domain or does it even matter about the email as long as it is a neutral domain name? Any help would be great.
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    If you look in AMR at the help menu you will see there is a link to the forum. Also take a look here for the WSO thread as I posted some videos there that will help you.
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      No it doesn't, but you should use a real domain email address and not a free email account, some article directories won't take submissions from free email accounts.
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    It doesn't have to be. I use one email address from a domain that doesn't even have a real website setup for it. I use that email addy for adding articles in various niches. But like others said, try to avoid using gmail or other free email as not many directories like them so you'll get less submissions with free accounts.
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