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I have and I am beyond DONE with that service. Did I say done yet? As in fed up..pissed off...completely through? Is my anger coming through? I do not recommend them to my worse enemy...okay rant over.

I am in the market for a new hosting company that can handle I am told by my admin 30 gigs of info.

I am in the dating niche for men:

Zenmack University

(don't bother trying to click on the link..more server trouble)

I have other sites that I put on hostgator just because I hated mediatemple so much to sell my dating niche product through cause you can't download jack crap off their servers without it messing things I ranting again?

My site is ranked:

ranked in the high 300,000s and in US, you are ranked 60,000.
Whatever but I want something inexpensive. I don't want any flibbity flab, mumbo jumbo, dag nabbit new fangled junk like sharing multiple server b.s like mediatemple...okay ranting

Help is much appreciated.

Not sure if hostgator can handle my traffic and storage of ton's of podcast shows and videos that I create.

I have a big following on youtube also:

YouTube - ThePlayerSupremeshow's Channel

My goal is to get them off youtube and onto my own site.

Thanks in advance.
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    JustHost has always worked for me. Easy to use/build a site. Not very expensive. Lot's of great features.

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    Try out Bluehost, their support is GREAT.
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      Originally Posted by Roland Hop View Post

      Try out Bluehost, their support is GREAT.
      Better then Hostgator?
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    Hostgator can handle it trust me contact their support to double check but I've seen alot of situations similar to yours
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    Hostmonster you can get a free domain with web host purchase, works exactly like hostgator, unlimited everything and 6.95/mo if u prepay for the year.
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    If you get a Dedicated server at Hostgator then I'm sure hostgator can handle your load..
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    I have used HostGator, DreamHost and BlueHost in the past, I can recommend any one of these three.
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    I'm quite happy with my hostgator account.
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    I would go for hostgator VPS hosting level 3, it is 39.99 $ per month, or if you don't have the money you can always choose web hosting service and if you enter the coupon hostgator112 you may be eligible for 1 month of free hosting. The price for 1 month for web hosting is 10$. And if you buy let's say like me for 1 year, enter the coupon code SPRING and you will have 20% discount on your order
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    Originally Posted by zenmack View Post

    Not sure if hostgator can handle my traffic and storage of ton's of podcast shows and videos that I create.

    Thanks in advance.
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    I've always used Hostgator and found it excellent for service/value. Unlimited domains, disk space, bandwidth. $9.95 per month cancel anytime. $7.95 per month 3 year contract.

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    Add another vote to the Blue Host camp... They rarely (if ever) have issues, and any issues that do pop up are fixed in a matter of minutes. And, you can even call them and talk to a real person, without jumping through a ton of hoops
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      A friend of mine uses Hostgator and their service is great. Seriously. You can also check BlueHost as it seems both of them get very few complains.

      Goodluck with your search.

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    Originally Posted by zenmack View Post

    I am in the market for a new hosting company that can handle I am told by my admin 30 gigs of info.

    Thanks in advance.
    I have close to 200GB on hostgator for my $10 unlimited domain account. They don't care.

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    Hostgator.. Till today I haven't got any problem, and I hope for the next days..also their support is helpful..
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    I've been using Hostgator since before they were even well known. I've never had a problem with them. They've been right on top of it when I needed support.
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    Blue Host is good.
    Lunar Pages is real good.
    Go Daddy is pure crap.
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    Yeah I would go with Hostgator, they have been great for me.
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    have a look on YourNextHost they have been in business for quite a long time only recently they went retail before that they where just offering their services to Hosting Providers.
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    Hostgator and Bluehost are my favorite hosting companies.


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    I've had great experiences with Hostgator, Bluehost and Rackspace. Rackspace is great if you need specialized things like managed backup, help fixing mistakes and such things.

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    Do all of the hosts recommended handle a disk space of 30GB+ and a minimum bandwidth of 150GB-250GB a month? If so, then hostgator business package might seem the best bet. They have a file cap of 200,000 meaning you can't have more than 200,000 files hosted on your server. Also, if cpu cycles go over 25% for 90 seconds, hostgator might terminate or ask you to upgrade your account.

    Could you guys give stats of your site in terms of hits, unique visitors, # of hosted files, used disk space and bandwidth used monthly? (with the host you use)

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    I have used Hostgator and have had no problems. Their support is great. Bluehost is also very good. You should be happy with either one.

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    Hostmonster has been great for me and the support is awesome. They offer 24/7 support and they always answer my questions in a timely manner
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