Anyone used Autopress?

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Just checking if anyone in warrior land has used autopress?


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    I bought it yesterday and am enjoying it so far but haven't tested it enough. I don't think it officially launches until tomorrow.
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      I sent the support some specific questions
      I was particularly interested in the spinner and also making categories from the wonderwheel then posting in it....
      Make sure ya come back TheSEOmo!

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        I've just bought it and in the process of installation, etc.

        To use the spinner, you need to have a copy of the best spinner which it links to. Otherwise, you can use any other spinner and paste in your content that way instead.

        The variety of functions is phenomenal. Beats the other autoblogging plugins by a mile.

        Will try to do a video of the inside.
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    Anyone used it recently? Made any sites with it?
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      I am setting up a site today with Autopress and will also be setting up a site with WPRobot to compare the two. I'll be doing some updating on my earlier thread as the sites develop. If you would like to check it out.

      Chet Hastings
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        I just set it up on a site using the PLR function and The Best Spinner. I have some automatic backlinks built into the back end so my plan is to let this run for about 60 days and see what happens. This site was just sitting there, so it should be a good test.

        My first impression is that this plugin is very powerful and very easy to use. I have used a few other autoblogging plugins in the past and they always seem to run wild. Edwin has built some great controls into this.

        I have purchased some of his other tools in the past and he always over delivers.

        I hope this helps.

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