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Anyone tried this system by Mark Sherwood? Could someone let me know exactly what this product entails and if you are having good results with it?

Thanks very much
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    Absolute garbage, nothing like the sales blurb. Simple script to search for local domain names. You then invest in a domain name, build the site and try to flip it. And hey the sales video says it takes less than three minutes. Get real.

    How the creators can suggest they made a million bucks in a year from Clickbank, (where the heck does Clickbank fit in?), is beyond me.

    Do yourself a favour and keep your cash in your wallet.
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    Sounds like the typical IM product selling dream.
    Create Your Own Proven, Dependable and Profitable Online Income Stream...MapForMoney.
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      Good grief! here we go AGAIN!

      Massive intoxicatingly seductive sales page, endless yapping on the video, "PROOF" of earnings etc etc etc.

      Just press 5 buttons blah, blah, blah!

      When I got bored and X'ed away from the page I decided to test to see how many exit splashes there were - 7! ie WAIT! WAIT! WAIT! WAIT! WAIT! WAIT! WAIT!

      I think that says something...

      Gary Simpson
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        Yea Gary, it does say something - Seven reasons not to buy it.

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          Yep! Glad to see you also are sick of all the hype page offers with "unlimited" exit pops that promise heaven on earth. When I think of all the times I believed in all these false promises when I started out in IM... AAAARRRGGGHHHHH!! I wasted tons of money.

          Btw, if you want to promote me and my partner's "no hype" website traffic launch (max 1 exit pop ) this year (before June 2011), let me know. All I can say right now is that each one of your subscribers will get real working traffic methods they can start using instantly and that the prize for the service will be reasonable. It's going to be a recurring membership below $80 for the end user with a max of 1 valuable upsell.

          Just drop me a line for more information.

          Thanks. Best, Chris
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            Just scroll down a bit further on the index page. There is another thread about this product.
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