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Anyone purchased Copy n Paste Traffic...just released today on 01/11/2011. Any reviews and thoughts are appreciated. I'm sure a lot of people are receiving emails on this today. Thanks

http://www.CopyPasteTraffic.com (Not an Affiliate Link)
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    lol, yep got about 4 emails for this one in my inbox.

    YET ANOTHER copy, paste, profit system.

    How many upsells are on this one?

    Any one else bite on this?
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      I have just purchased this see how it goes
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    Thanks Mike...please let us know what you find! Were there any upsells?(thats a stupid question huh?) I'm a sucker for traffic products so I just may end up seeing what they offer. I did notice if you click off the link they give a $10 discount...so final price is $27
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      Originally Posted by sparkie2260 View Post

      Thanks Mike...please let us know what you find! Were there any upsells?(thats a stupid question huh?) I'm a sucker for traffic products so I just may end up seeing what they offer. I did notice if you click off the link they give a $10 discount...so final price is $27
      Yes i did get it for $27 (Always click off just to check ) there where 4 upsells in total :rolleyes: will get back once i have gone through all that is on offer.
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        Woa! thanks alot,
        Let us know if it's any good or even worth getting into

        Originally Posted by mike gregory View Post

        Yes i did get it for $27 (Always click off just to check ) there where 4 upsells in total :rolleyes: will get back once i have gone through all that is on offer.
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        I found a review on Copy n Paste Traffic and if the review is correct you get the traffic from the system from having an email list. While I think that is a good way to get traffic, I would have never guessed that is the way the system gets the traffic from the copy on the website.

        I thought the system was a quick way to get traffic, and if you have a list I guess it is, but many people don't have a list. Any way if you want to read the review you will find it here, I have absolutely no connection to the review, I just found it through Google.

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    I have not purchased my own copy. I hope its worth getting.
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    I've just purchased it and here is my review:

    The members' area is tidy indeed.

    The whole course is consisted by videos ( 3 modules) - you need to be online to watch the videos through.

    Let Me Tell You What Copy Paste Traffic is NOT…

    1) Is it NOT a software tool that will send tons of visitors to your website on complete autopilot.
    2) You will not be able to copy & paste a few lines of text, and then get tons of free traffic.

    Copy Paste Traffic focuses on teaching how to build a REAL ASSET online, which is YOUR OPT-IN LIST and the primary method of driving traffic is “Ad Swaps”

    It is a system of generating traffic which is simple to understand, and it works, but IT WILL NOT make you rich overnight.

    It does not require Adwords, Media Buying or any other types of ‘high risk’ advertising, but it does require time and patience.

    And most importantly, it is definitely something that I know for a fact works.

    So, all you have to do is:

    1)Set up your squeeze page (this is easy, especially since there are a lot of products with private label rights, which contain ready made “squeeze pages” – this is the page that captures the name and email address of your visitors.

    Copy Paste Traffic includes a piece of server based software (you access it thru your member’s area… you don’t download it to your computer)… the software allows you to create squeeze pages by filling out a short form. And he also provides you with the “free gift” you’ll be giving away to your new subscribers.

    2)Send Traffic To Your Squeeze Page.

    You’ll do this by using different types of advertising, and all the ‘traffic getting’ methods in the Copy Paste Traffic course are either free or low cost.

    3)Make Money With Your List.

    Here’s where the course FALLS SHORT,
    because having a list does not automatically guarantee that you’ll make money. You have to sell stuff to your list, and you have to know how to do it, too.

    To be honest, the course is very good … and it really does outline a proven system for making money online. And most importantly, this system does not require a lot of money to get started.

    You also need to be prepared to follow and complete each and every step in the course; because if you do… there’s no reason why you cannot succeed.

    I also purchased 1 upsell product ( CopyPasteFunnel) - To tell you the truth I really liked it, which I STRONGLY suggest you too; for the price asked it's a good deal.
    Especially perfect for newbies – easy How to set up videos and good funnel products and tools.

    Well, that’s it.
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    Ok here is my review:

    In a nutshell:

    The course does consist of 3 modules that outline in creating a squeeze page and basically driving traffic to it. (No get rich quick here but will work as i know myself.)

    The members are is very easy to navigate around and well presented.

    The first module goes through in a step by step guide explaining how to choose your domain name then set up your hosting account this is very step by step and for a newbie easy to follow.

    The product does come with a push button squeeze page generator that will automatically create the page plus provide a free give-away product and thank you page that you choose from in the list provided. This was very easy to set-up and easy to integrate with aweber. Quite impressive!

    The second module goes onto explain 5 strategies of driving traffic to your new squeeze page, there are 5 videos to this section starting with Viral List Building traffic, adswaps, JV Giveaways, solos etc. Nothing really cutting edge here.
    And all do require some sort of investment, but as we know they are proven to work.

    The third module is advanced strategies here the product goes into depth on selling your own products and how to promote those along with affiliate/clickbank products.

    Also being covered in this section is exit pop ups, database creation and customer support.

    Although the list has been created there is no great detail on how to begin marketing to your list in the right way. This is the only flaw in the product itself.


    I think that this was a good solid course for those who are wanting to get started with an easy to set up site where everything is pretty much done for you.
    There is no massive start up costs needed and can actually be set up in an hour or two as each video is very detailed and created in a step by step fashion.
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    I wasn't sure if I should spend anything on this, but I wanted Dan Brock's bonus of the additional coaching Webinars thrown in, so I got it at the lower price and Dan still authorised my bonus (which contains some really excellent tips).
    Thanks Dan.

    I am only part way into it (my internet connection has been really slow for 2 days now) but I congratulate Corey and Winter on it so far as it does produce in a simple way a sensible startpoint to building a business.

    I'm leaving it for a few hours in the hope that my connection might speed up as watching the videos has proved tiresome, but I will work my way through this....

    The First GOAL written on my new chart is to complete the system, and reach a list of 50 in one Niche by the end of Feb 2011. That sounds a bit daunting and will no doubt result in a lot of traffic building, but as that is the major task that I keep putting off this fits admirably into my overall plan for 2011!

    John O'York

    Ex Army Major hates Hype!!

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      Following the comments here and in other sites CPT has two basic features:

      Ad Swaps; you mail another marketer's offer to your list and s/he mails your offer to their list. You need some product or service to offer.

      List Building: you build a list of prospects loyal to you.

      Of course, for ad swaps you already must have a list, and a good one.

      No marketer is going to swap (trade) their email list with you if you haven't worked a good list yourself.

      If you are a newbie you won't have one, then the next step is:

      Building a list: You build an ad campaign offering something free (in a squeeze page) with an autoresponder form for capturing your leads.

      Ad campaigns are placed in free advertising sources (classified, traffic exchanges), or solo ads.

      Solo ads are like buying the lists of other marketers.

      There some solo ads offers some within the JV section of this forum.

      CPT: trains you to work all this out.

      Not magic, logic and work.


      Want to build your list...but have no money, website or technical skills? Learn to build your list with ease and virtually at zero cost! Free report.
      Click the link below now to start today:
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