best windows hosting company?

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hello not sure where this belongs but what are the better windows hosting companies out there? It seems godaddy is all i can really find with everything i need but i read everywhere that everyone hates them for hosting. I need support for asp , MSSQL, php and mysql all on the same server because im going to be hosting 10 or so sites under the same shared hosting plan. Please point me in the right direction as it seems most good hosts are linux only.Thanks in advance!
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    no one has windows hosting?
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    i think godaddy is good hosting provider! just try it!
    In addition, you can also try Windows VPS hosting
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    godaddy is better..
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    The Windows shared hosting market is geared more toward ASP.NET developers than plain users so it is a bit different. You simply won't find things like inexpensive reseller hosting, SEO hosting and such in this marketplace. Bear in mind that most ASP/ASP.NET hosting is done in-house or on co-location hosting plans by corporations.

    I've been looking for a Windows shared hosting plan myself recently for some projects I'm thinking about doing and I'm leaning toward WinHost.
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    godaddy and hostgator is better...
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    Most hosting companies run their server on linux because it is more reliable than windows and there are no license fees involved. If you really need windows hosting then you will need to find a specialist windows host but expect the cost to be higher.
    Consider using a VMware hosting provider as they will offer full windows compatibility but with a higher degree of resilience.
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      I can't say who's the best, but I've been satisfied with SoftSysHosting,com so far.

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    I am not saying they are the best, but brinkster is dependable for me. Well, so far anyway. Keep my fingers cross.
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    godaddy or 1and1

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      hostgator only offers linux box or i would use them. Thats my issue. I have a total of about 25 sites. Some are asp .net MSSQL some are php mysql and some are asp mysql. So i need a shared host that offers all of these features. I need:
      -1-2 MSSQL DB
      -about 5 MySql DB
      -The ability to host up to about 30 sites on the same shared hosting plan
      -asp .net
      -php so server must have IIS
      -wordpress support
      thats about it.
      I have looked at 1and1 and i like their hosting but the only problem is i have read alot of bad reviews. I have looked at godaddy and have heard bad reviews as well. Then i looked at ixwebhosting and they look good as well but i have heard bad reviews about them as well. With all of these review sites online its hard to make the choice because it seems no one likes any service LOL.
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        Go and have a mooch around webhostingtalk. Usually something for everyone there.
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          I've been very happy with and have had many sites, including client sites on their servers. I haven't had one issue with them in the close to 5 years of using them. Any questions I might have had, support was always prompt to reply. Here is a link to their features page ASP.NET 4.0 Hosting, Silverlight 4, MVC 3, SQL 2008 R2 on Microsoft Windows 2008 - DiscountASP.NET Webhosting Package Features

          They also keep you well informed of what's ahppening with their servers, say upgrades, moving over to new applications or operating system versions.

          I had a couple of sites where the main site was written for the framework, yet also included portions that ran on PHP and interacted with MySql with no problems. They are definitely worth a consideration for windows hosting.

          - Chris
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