Video Camera And Equipment For Sales Video--need recommendationss

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I am in the process of making some videos for an autoresponder series. They will feature me, in my white coat and stethoscope, educating and selling.

I need to buy a camera for this purpose. I've seen lots of cameras out there with a huge difference in prices between them. I don't need something fancy. I'm going to make lots of youtube videos that feature me talking. That's all. So what I need is good quality video and good quality audio. I'm not making fancy movies so I don't think the $2000 camera that is the same one they use to film hollywood movies is right for me (that is what a guy at best buy tried to sell me!).

Anyone have any recommendations? Trying to figure out which one will have good audio quality is the trickiest for me right now. Any advice would be appreciated.

Also: low priced lights and a low priced background? Anyone have an idea?

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