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As Internet Marketers, we still have to manage our business finances and I've used a variety of tools to manage my accounting (online banking, spreadsheets, QuickBooks, etc.), but I have never found anything as simple or as powerful as Outright.com.

It has saved me a lot of time and given me the confidence I need to focus on my work and less on my finances.

Does anybody else use Outright.com or have another accounting solution designed for Internet Marketers that they'd recommend?
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    How long have you been using Ouright.com for?

    I just signed up for an account last night. I like the fact that you can import Paypal into it!

    I did forashort bit bounce around the idea of Quickbooks, but you have to purchase an add-on service to get Paypal to play nice with QB. Sort of a bummer since they are huge companies.
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    I gotta say I've been using Outright for some time now and it is TRULY amazing!

    I integrate it with shoeboxed to keep track of all of my receipts. Literally all it takes is a few clicks and everything is exported and ready to send to my accountant for taxes...Outright saves you time and money, two VERY precious commodities!
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    I, too, am a big fan of Outright, it makes very easy to track income/expenses and it syncs directly with Paypal, Bank Accounts, etc. Highly recommended!
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      Thanks for the post I've been looking for something like this. I'll give this a try soon

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    I use it and love it, too.

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