Is 12secondcommute really profitable?

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Have any member here any experience with 12secondcommute?

The owner is Darryl Graham.

I did a scam, rip off, fraud, scheme Google search and found only one person reporting it as a scammer with his program.

Since only one scam report was found I joined the program. I think that all businesses have had some disgusted customers, and that doesn't make them illegal or scammers.

I am testing 12sc and would like to know what are other members' experiences with this program.

I have been a month with them and have 3 paid affiliates, 12 unpaid signups, and 17 unconfirmed leads. Since I didn't use ad tracking I don't know from where these prospects come from. If they were from 12sc coop ads or from my own ads.

They offer unlimited autoresponder with 7 emails (series), some ad campaigns, ad tracking, rotator, complete online training.

Multiple streams of income, 30 day no credit card needed free trail. Then it is $49/month.

They own other domains: (main domain), (ad articles), (ad campaigns), (traffic source),

They offer traffic packages through and

They offer 5,000 visitors (not necessarily signups).

I did a WF search but didn't find any reviews on this Program.

If you have had any experience with this Program, bad or good, please comment here.

Thank you.


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    Daryl and I celebrated the last 2 New Years Eves together on our computers once in each time zone! He's one of the nicest, good guys you'll find right up there with Charlie Page, Jim Cockrum, Jay Jennings, Darren Monroe, Ken Evoy and others with untarnished reputations.

    I've got the Lifetime 12SC and the Ultimate License before it ever launched so I'm pretty well set with everything I need anytime - it's all right there with NO monthly payments. Yippee!!

    I retired in 2005 at 43 and now I give away websites like these for FREE [hosting excluded]

    When you make at least $100+ per month, we split the profit 80/20 and YOU get the 80% Until then, you keep 100% and I'll help you drive traffic, get backlinks and put the domain in your name too!
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      I have their program in my favorites file because when I looked at it I thought it was interesting. I will go back and take a look. I liked the idea that the program included autoresponder and basically everything you need to start earning cash.
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    This is actually the first time I have heard of them, Antonios. It may be worth looking into.

    P.s. No business can make EVERYONE happy, because everyone is different and has different perceptions of quality and the way things out to be. I was just reading reviews, on Amazon, of books that I love so much that I've read over and over again. Even the greatest books are sure to have one star ratings simply because one person's perception of a product or service can be entirely different than anothers.
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    Originally Posted by Antonios View Post

    Have any member here any experience with 12secondcommute?


    If you have had any experience with this Program, bad or good, please comment here.

    Thank you.


    From the comfort of my home office let me answer the question asked in the thread subject.

    Yes, it's profitable and, because it's a monthly membership site for clients it's my favorite form of income - residuals.

    I have been compelled only once to give an unsolicited testimonial, and that's been for 12SecondCommute. This is it from the front page of the site:

    Darryl, you've exceeded expectations once again. This even tops your previous offerings over the five years I've enjoyed the rewards from being associated with you! As one of your Charter Members, with access 'behind the scenes' as we work together and continue to develop this exceptional tools and residual income package I'm absolutely confident no-one will find better value anywhere on the net. Professional Online Tools that everyone MUST have to succeed, Explosive Residual Incomes, our EXCLUSIVE Program Builder, great training, and an easy to use and promote package, this has become a sure fire winner for everyone! Allan James


    Here is a cost benefit analysis comparing 12SecondCommute with the more well known Aweber. Hint: 12SecondCommute wins hands down.
    What’s important when deciding on the tools you have to have to succeed online? |

    But probably even more important is the approachability, honesty, ethics and superb support Darryl provides. You will not find better.

    Now a warning:

    Will you get rich overnight? No! - a point Darryl makes constantly.
    Will you, if you're willing to learn and take action consistently, become wealthy over time? Yes!

    The future of 12SC?

    My position as one of the 'Executive Team' leaves me in no doubt that the future is rosy with 12SecondCommute. At the moment it still somewhat of a 'hidden gem' and not high in the thoughts of anyone wanting ALL the tools you HAVE to have in one very cost effective package, coupled with a very powerful 3 tier (not MLM) affiliate program.

    As it becomes more well known it's affiliates will experience explosive growth.
    50% Sales Conversions?? YES!, check my blog.
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      I know this is a semi old thread but I've just stumbled upon this myself and took the compulsory look in here to see what was being said about it.

      I've just joined it for free so I can't give it a really good review of any kind at the present.

      But from what I've seen, as far as a nice simple system, especially for someone starting out into the List Building, lead capture creation for using on traffic exchanges, it's not bad.

      Some of the lead capture pages have "giveaways" included to assist in helping someone decide to join your list.

      They are hosted on any one of a selection of available domains.

      Again without have fully thrashed it, but having had a wee play with it , it looks just the thing for someone starting out.

      They've hooked up with a few folk in offering other services
      You can get hosting - its 3rd party add on - about $15 USD per month for 10 sites.
      Not too bad, but you can get better hosting deals....

      They have some reasonably priced outsourcing from banners to full Lead Capture pages to full website sales pages.

      So they've got their little circle of "helpers" which for some, might be worthwhile checking out.

      At the moment the deal is...

      You can join for Free and get to use most of the system from what I saw... although you don't get everything.

      Not totally sure on the actual restrictions between Free and Paid but there are some non the less.

      So if you upgrade within the 1st 5 days you get in for $14 USD per month, else it mysteriously rises to $29 USD per month if you decide to upgrade later on.

      A somewhat gentle incentive to upgrade early!

      At that low price - the 1st level commissions as an affiliate is %35 which is $4.90 per signup. Nothing major there...but better than a kick in the head...

      For what you get, it's got something going for it.

      It's one of those things you'd have to join yourself and check out its tools to see if it suits.

      There are a number of Video tutorials and then the online Conferences that I'm guessing are there to help out anyone...

      It's a well thought out, easy to use system which grabbed my attention and it's at a nice price.

      And yes, I liked it so much I even wrote a post on my site and am promoting it more along the lines of helping folk out than making my financial dreams come true with it

      Well maybe if I used the system....which I will.

      It's definitely worth checking out.

      Hope that helps someone


      Great Success is built from many little successes! - My Wee Part of the World.

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      yea i had the same this guy is a real ass

      Originally Posted by Tryit View Post

      I joined 12secondcommute program. I thought it would be a good program and it might be. I had some problems with the software and got kicked out of the program. Below is the conservation I had via email with Darryl Graham.
      First letter

      Hello Support,
      > Trying to create a capture page but the editor doesn't do anything when I
      > click upload files. I am using IE8 browser, if that has anything to do
      > with it.
      > I am also using Windows 7 premium home edition.
      > I don't suppose I could create page on my PC and upload it to this
      > program.
      > I thought I had found a good program but now I'm beginning to wonder.
      > Sorry to keep bothering you but I'd like to get started advertising
      > before everyone else.
      > Thank You
      > Delton Hathcock

      His reply:

      > Sent: Wed, 1 May 2013 09:34:36 -0400
      > To:
      > Subject: RE: HTML editor
      > Hi Delton,
      > First of all, you are slamming the system because of one issue and
      > doubting your purchase, so before I try and help you, I would suggest I
      > just refund your $24 so you can go and find something better for your
      > money.
      > If you don't want a refund and you want help, then in the future, I
      > suggest you keep your comments professional and not make those kinds of
      > remarks.
      > We work very hard to help our clients and sometimes things don't go the
      > way you want, but instead of bashing something, let us help you out.
      > So, do you want your money back or do you want to work together so we can
      > help you?
      > All The Best,
      > Darryl Graham

      My reply;

      Hello Darryl,

      I sorry you got all in an uproar over one little statement I made, before
      I knew you were revamping the program. After I read that letter then I
      thought that might be the reason for the flaw.

      Saying that, if you or your program can't stand a little criticism, you both
      need to grow-up some.

      As for as wanting my money back and quitting the program, I would have
      stated that in the first help request if that was my motive for writing.

      If you don't want me to hold you or the program to a high standard I suppose
      you won't want me as a customer or member.

      OK, now that you know what you can expect of me I'll leave it up to you as
      to whether you want me to continue with the program.


      His reply

      ----Original Message-----
      > From:
      > Sent: Wed, 1 May 2013 14:31:09 -0400
      > To:
      > Subject: Your Membership Cancelled at
      > Cancellation Request of Membership
      > Details given below:
      > Name: Delton Hathcock
      > User Name: trythis
      > Email:
      > Reason : Canceled by admin
      > Your membership has been canceled from 12 Second Commute.
      > If you were a paying client, your billing will be stopped by us, but
      > remember under the terms you agreed to we require 72 hours notice
      > before your payment processes to ensure we can stop it.
      > If you did not give us the necessary time, there will not be any
      > refunds on a processed payment because as we explained in your
      > original terms, we do not take money back from our successful
      > affiliates.
      > We are sorry you chose to quit but we understand that working online
      > is not for everyone and we wish you all the best in your future
      > endeavors.
      > If you were part of the 12SC I CAN program, your advertising has been
      > terminated.
      > You will not receive any additional emails from us.

      My reply;

      Hello Darryl,

      Thank you for letting me know what caliper of person you are
      before I got too involved and wasted a lot of time in 12secondscommute..
      I also want to thank you for the letters, They will help me write a great review
      which Google likes.
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        Who is an ass? You or him?

        I am currently researching an all in one program that will fit my needs. I like the price point and all in one tools offered here. Using this as a POI for newbies should work well.

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    I have never heard of this product, but from the reviews I have read it seems like it might be worth a shot! A lot of people say that it works and there isn't many bad reviews on it... I am going to look into it for sure! AS of right now I am bringing in an income from instant payday network and this system has really allowed me to gain financial freedom and there is zero start up costs! But I am interested in expanding my horizons and trying other products to try and build my residual income even more...

    100% FREE System Generates $395/Day

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      Instant payday is for USA and Canada Residents only.
      Want to build your list...but have no money, website or technical skills? Learn to build your list with ease and virtually at zero cost! Free report.
      Click the link below now to start today:
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      By your expression "I thought I had found a good program but now I'm beginning to wonder" it apparently seems you are new to online marketing or you just can't tolerate setbacks and keep jumping from one program to another once you encounter your first problem.

      I was a member of 12SC and didn't give it time to earn me money. But, any real business takes time to build.

      Probably, Darryl's response wasn't stimulating, but probably, he just wanted to know if you were really a doer and not just a tire kicker. I am just guessing.

      Its difficult to help people that want instant earnings. That just isn't reality.

      All programs, bad and excellent ones, encounter problems: server crashes, delays, power down, site down, all kinds of failures. Like Darryl said, you can't just judge a program because of your first encounter with a problem.

      Are you a newbie, that is, you just got into internet marketing?

      Or, are you like the majority of online marketing wannabees that keep jumping from one program to the other without giving anyone of them a truthful trail?

      I would have probably done the same thing that Darryl did: refund your money.

      You should have answered that you want to work the program and that you needed help to do it.

      I mean, if that was really your intention.

      I might be wrong, but your second letter to Darryl gave the impression that you would had been a difficult person to help to succeed online.

      Delton, I have been with programs, good ones, for many years, and they have their problems, and I would never leave them, I contact the admin and ask what problems they are encountering, some of them contact me first telling me about the problem.

      It's okay to make mistake, and to have problems.



      Want to build your list...but have no money, website or technical skills? Learn to build your list with ease and virtually at zero cost! Free report.
      Click the link below now to start today:
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