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The GreenprintLIST System (not affiliate link)

I saw this advertised on the WF. Some pretty bold claims. My gut is saying no way. But thought I may aswell ask if anyone else has used it

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    I bought this. I thought it had a great hook and I wanted to see how good the product was - because of it was really good I was going to promote it to my list - since Tommy is not a guru and I like promoting stuff that most of my list wouldn't see.

    I think it's a decent report. I've read better, but I've read a LOT worse as well. He reveals the niche where he built the 100k+ list in, which I found to be a very fascinating niche and one I'd have never considered possible to build those numbers in (not IM niche.)

    The strategies are sound. They are advanced those IMO. You have to some chops to pull them off. Some of the things you need to succeed take some good marketing intuition to pick "hooks" to capture and to create the type of optin page COPY needed for this to succeed.

    I can say this - this is not your normal list building methods. If you're an intermediate to advanced marketer I think you'd benefit from this the most, as it requires more than beginner skills yet is somewhat unique compared to what most people are used to.

    I found there was a bit of fluff for the first 10 pages or so, a lot of "why" and education, before getting into the case study.

    I'd give this product a 7 out of 10.

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    Interesting review and I came looking for more. Pretty bold claims on the sales page.

    100,000 subscribers in 7 days without spending any money? Really?

    Interesting to see you seemed to give it a fairly solid rating, Jason.

    But did it live up to the hype of the sales page? Can you build a massive list fast without spending anything?
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    I would advise staying away from this Greenprint List system. It is full of huge claims, as noted above. It is not possible for the average joe. The GreenPrintList is not for anyone, as the author claims. And I quote: "absolutely ANYONE of any skill level can make this work." In fact it is a very high level of marketing and requires considerable skill, cashed up and highly resourced JV partners. Half the report is filled with fluff, telling why other methods don't work and the rest, while giving an overview of how to build very specialised and niche list it does not teach enough about this to make it possible for anyone to do. I bought it and am currently asking for my money back. Hope this helps anyone sitting on the fence about. Cheers
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