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I was looking at the video from Instant Article Wizard and apparently in includes The Best Spinner? So, it's not necessary to purchase The Best Spinner if I get Instant Article Wizard? Thanks.
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    I'm not sure. It looks like it's integrated. Looks pretty cool.
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    Instant Article Wizard is a separate product from The Best Spinner. While it (IAW) does include the thesaurus from TBS it doesn't include the rest of it.
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    TBS is a separate product. While the database is included, all the other functions (one touch spin, replace favorites, etc.) are with TBS. As such you will have to purchase it. Something I recommend.
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      I bought IAW and shortly after received an offer to buy The Best Spinner at a discount, which I did gladly. Both products are by the same person.
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    Just wanted to clarify my understanding (or lack there of, lol) of a work flow using the following tools: Instant Article Wizard+The Best Spinner+WPSpin...

    Use Instant Article Wizard to research and create the initial article
    Use the The Best Spinner to create different spun versions of that initial research
    Finally use Mike Johnson's WPSpin to schedule those various stacked up articles to publish to your blog at scheduled dates to hopefully entice the spiders to see fresh and updated content

    I originally was just going to use Market Samurai's content module but observed that it was somewhat limited in it's sources of information, namely article directories. Then use a FREE Spinning tool such as Spinner Chief, but I don't believe that it would be able to intergrate with Mike Johnsons WPSpin in order to take advantage of some automation which as we all know would be a time saver...

    Hope someone can let me know if I've got that work flow spelled out correctly before I buy
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    Honestly i tried it and wasn't too impressed. It ran slow on my computer and in the same time that it was gathering information and i was spining the article's to make them unique, i could have just wrote an article from scratch myself. I even timed myself at one point to see if it was me. And when i had issues with the program i had to go searching through there forum to find the answer's. The ticket support would take about 3 days or more to answer back. I don't know it just wasn't for me, but they do honor their refund though, try it out and see if it's a good fit.
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