Wat is the lead generation thing-y Mike Woo Ming is touting? Anyone got any clue?

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Here's the link...


It's Mike Filsaime's affiliate link.

I just received his email and out of sheer convenience, just copied the URL he gave me and plugged in here.

I watched the video but STILL couldn't figure out.

It sounds like what Justin Blake is selling right now. Some lead generation software.

Anyone got a clue?
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    I watched a good part of the webinar, though I couldn't get right to the end. Basically it's software that enables you to locate people who are advertising for services and so on.

    So if you enter "website creation", you'll get a long list of such ads from many sources. You can then make an offer for the work, either doing it yourself or outsourcing it - their example was to make an offer for about 5 000, as opposed to the offers of 10 000 or 20 000 that others might make, and then outsource it for about 1 000, leaving you with a fat profit.

    Or you can use it to act as a middleman, finding customers on commission for specialized services - their example was a very specialized type of surgery.

    No price was indicated in the part that I saw, and I haven't had an email from them since.

    Hope this makes it clear.
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