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My review of Local Search Intel
I was one of the first buyers of LSI(Local Search Intel) when Martin put up the WSO last weekend. I was immediately impressed with the software and saw many opportunities to use it in my marketing.

As some of you know, I primarily use direct mail to market my consulting services and the primary service I offer is localized SEO. I guess I am what some of you call an Offliner, though I prefer to think of myself as a Marketing Consultant.

I’ve been using LSI for close to a week now and have used it for two campaigns. With LSI I can target a range of industries and locale’s to quickly build a highly targeted prospect list. Once you’ve built your list you can export the data to a CSV file for merging.

So how do I use this tool? Well, I ran a campaign this week mailing to Accountants, CPA’s, Book Keepers and Tax Prep companies that were listed in positions 8 to 24 in 15 surrounding cities and towns. In less than 15 minutes, I had a list of 240 prospects that I could send a “Last minute, emergency tax season marketing” package.

Not only did I have a great prospect list, but I had an analysis of the top 7 in each city. I knew exactly where they had gotten their citations, how many reviews they had, how many photos, videos… Everything about the top 7 so I can move my new clients into their position.

Martin has been great about issuing updates and adding new features. With the update yesterday I can now extract full ZIP+4 mailing addresses for CAS certification on my larger mailings.

In a week LSI has become one of the most important tools in my toolbox.
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