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by Selasa
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I have been using this service for several weeks.

I opened a ticket with them 6 days ago and have not heard from them.

Anyone has a similar experience with them?

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    Not sure which article marketing website u r talking
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    Ive not seen this before but would be interested to know how you get on and if it is effective
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    Hi Selasa

    Yes I've experienced the same thing. I've been waiting over a week for a reply from support where I haven't been able to submit any new articles because their system says the subscription hasn't been deposited into their account but thats crap. It's an automatic repeat billing through paypal and my paypal account shows iit was paid 9 days ago directly from funds in the account (e.g. no delay caused by e-checks which there FAQ's gives as a possible reason).

    I have sent them the transaction number and a screenshot of my paypal acount showing the transaction as completed but still no response.

    So yes their support is terrible. It was the same with PLR Pro ebooks which they also run, where i had to wait well over a month for their support to deal with missing products. In the end I cancelled my subscription to PLR Pro. I hope I don't have to do the same with AMA!

    The bottom line is they offer generally good products but they don't have a clue about customer service and support.

    So Selasa ... did you get a response in the end and how long did it take?
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    Hey guys

    I've used them and they seem to be fine. In fact I submitted another article yesterday with no problem and today I see it being published already.

    The creators of Amautomation seem to visit these forums so they should be answering your questions soon.

    Maybe send them another support ticket?
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    Well if the support is that slow, will the submissions be any faster?

    Anyway, keep us posted Selasa. I am interested to see how it works for you.
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      The article distribution seems to been fine at the moment ... although there were technical problems reported in this thread that stopped distribution for a while. From comments in that thread it appears people couldn't get any response from support then either!
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        Except for those few days around Christmas, the articles seemed to be published ok.

        The no. articles that get published also depends on the niche.

        System wise, it seems fine.

        It's just that the support response really sucks and they did close off my ticket without explanation.
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    They closed down their support services for 10 days over the Christmas period.

    They claim to have caught up again.

    Of course, you could wonder why they decided to do a launch of such a complex product as the Green Button, of which AMA is just a small part, just weeks before Christmas. I think they would have been well advised to leave it to January.

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    Well it's now been 12 days since i submitted the ticket and they still haven't sorted the problem out so I can use the service I've paid for!!! So I totally agree with Selasa's view that their support really sucks!
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    Am contemplating joining up. Have the issues been sorted? Has the OP had his issue resolved?
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      I obviously can't speak for others but I've sent three tickets, the last one was sent on January 30th. I still haven't received a response to any of them.

      On the positive side, my articles are getting published and I'm finding them around the web.

      AMA is a really nice program but I'm not sure how long I'll stay with them if the support issues don't get cleared up.


      Something is happening here but you don't know what it is.....

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        Hi Selasa,

        Article Marketing Automation as a product is fantastic. I've used it for about 4 or 5 months now and have seen great results.

        As for their support. I think it probably could use some improvement... I have had some slow responses but certainly not dismal. A few days lag but eventually my tickets got answered.

        The concept as a whole though is very good to excellent. If you do article marketing, this is a great way to get on-theme backlinks and decent residual traffic.
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    AMAutomation. Want to bump this topic. I am thinking of buying. Several months have passed since these posts. Has there been any improvement in customer service?
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    Why not just save yourselves a lot of headaches and time and get something like ArticleBot (by Incansoft) and do it yourself?

    If you search the forum here for coupon, you may still be able to get it for $7.77 or so. Even at $25, it's a deal. You don't have to depend on anyone else but you for article submissions.

    I'm not an affiliate, just a happy customer, and use it all the time.

    Just my 2 cents worth.

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    My problem was resolved after about a week after my last post. I haven't had to use support again since then so can't comment on whether it has improved ... but I can say they did resolve my support ticket in the end ... and I have continued to use their service as it provides good value as a link building network.
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    Marc and Daniel who are AMA and project green button are great. They will answer any e-mail you send and if you have any doubts they will refund you very quickly. Good group.
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    I'm trying to rejoin AMA, and it doesn't seem like it's possible. I have quite a few articles in the system from earlier this year when I was a member. I've had very good results from AMA, and I would LOVE to rejoin, but there seems to be no way to do it. I've gone back and forth with support, and the person there doesn't seem to understand the concept of rejoining. The only thing she did was to change my password (WHY? didn't ask her to), and ask me if I was logged in (which I was). There's no link anywhere that I can find on my free account to rejoin as a paid member.

    I've emailed Marc, too, with no response. I may have to join MAN and move all my articles there, which would be a pain. AMA is great, but the support sucks big time. If you join, don't ever leave, because there's no way to get back in, apparently. It's a shame the support is so bad, because the concept is great.
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