Anyone bought AutoClickProfits?

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Hi fellow warriors,

Anyone bought AutoClickProfits[dot]com? Any review appreciated. I think many of us get promotional emails about this product/

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    Not going to lie, looks uber hyped and like anything your going to have to put in work, nothing is ever "automated"
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      Originally Posted by JustKid View Post

      Not going to lie, looks uber hyped and like anything your going to have to put in work, nothing is ever "automated"

      I would have to agree nothing is ever automated
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        yea im still curious though , not that im looking for 1 click button softwares to build INSTANT WEALTH but there are many peoples promoting this product ,and i was wondering , if it was total hype , like many peoples talking about uber hyped product , what about the refund rates of these peoples claiming their 1 push button software make 1000 a day and then the buyer realise its mostly 15-20$ a day ? (or whatever amount that be but nothing along the 1000/day lines) , perhaps they make some out of the % refund rate if it's not 100%

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    Nobody will give you money for free...

    Live as if you'll die today.

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    Honestly, I have never tried it. However,when I started out in this industry in 2005, I tried every way under the sun to start promoting my websites. I got burned a lot too.

    Stay away from anything that sounds too good to be true. It always is.

    Nothing will give you a ton of traffic on autopilot or else everyone online would be rich. Use your commonsense and gut when trying to decide what's real and what's not. It will never steer you wrong.

    Consistent traffic to your website is very possible but it will take consistent work on your part. There are no short cuts for anyone. But the rewards are great for those who stick to their courses.
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    I have just bought it for review. And I'll be requesting a refund.

    Now the affiliate course includes some good info, including keyword research, and how you can attract free traffic using videos.

    The "automated software" is about finding relevant questions on yahoo answers, and answering them. It includes using proxies so you do not get banned. And you can create a new account from the software.

    As for me, I think this "one click automated software" is an exaggerated claim. The yahoo answers software automates searching, account creation, and getting behind a proxy, but still, you'll have to answer each them individually, in an intelligent and relevant manner.

    There are other tools that automate yahoo answers, and other web2.0 automation tools, marketing in a grey-black hat way much better, in terms of automation out there. Think of SEnuke, scrapebox etc... To use them or not is up to you, and it is more of an ethical question...

    Who is this good for? Maybe someone who has no knowledge of Affiliate Marketing, Video Marketing, and marketing on Yahoo Answers. Sincerely, there's much more useful information on the "All-in-one" posts of Warrior Forum about these topics, available totally free of charge.

    The course also has a section on outsourcing, but if you already know how to use Odesk and similar outsourcing services, there is nothing new or groundbreaking there, either.

    Bottom line: If you're a newbie who does not know the first thing about affiliate marketing, learn from Warrior Form All-in-one threads free and save your money. If you already know the basics of Affiliate marketing, like niche keyword research, marketing using videos, and using Yahoo Answers, you already know all that this course teaches, go ahead applying what you already know.

    But I feel I'm already stating the obvious, as so many people already posted "if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is" etc...
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    Yeah I bought it. Not overly impressed.The upsells were huge. Somehow I ended up being offered Affiliate X stuff. Even less happy about that
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