7 Deadly Mobile Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

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In mid 2006 there were about 2.8 billion handsets in circulation. In 2010 there were about 4.6 billion mobile handsets worldwide. The growth is truly astronomical and now mobile handsets are far more than computers. As a savvy marketer, you may have noticed the marketing potential in these numbers. You are probably already actively engaged in mobile marketing. Could you be making these 10 avoidable marketing mistakes?

1. Assuming that mobile users are like PC users. No, they are not exactly the same. Mobile users don't want to download your entire seven-page report. Rather they want fast access to information, they require services that recognize that they are on the move. And mobile users are not interested in lost of clicks. Let your information be exact with few words and less images and graphics.

2. Assuming that a mobile device is like a PC. Though phone devices do many thing that PCs can't they have limitations. For instance the screen is smaller; the keyboard is limited; the devices don't have a mouse or printer; the bandwidth is restricted and megabytes cost money. So please don't ask mobile device users to print an item. Keep pages sizes to a bare minimum. And appreciate the fact that mobile users won't take it kindly when you waste their money.

3. Failing to exploit the full potential of mobile devices. Mobile devices can do indeed a myriad of things that a normal PC can't. Remember that a mobile device is a phone that can receive voice, text and email messages. It probably has a camera, video and location is not always static. You may want to get users engage in a photo contest. You could want to have opinion polls via text. And if you have a business with many stores located countrywide, have promotions that reward users that are always on the move. This encourages customer loyalty.

4. Assuming that mobile sites are similar to websites. Check your mobile site to ensure that it is mobile ready. If your site is giving problems to mobile user, then your desired objectives might not be met.
5. Doing the same things everybody else does. Your customers may be different and what works in one industry may not work for you. And the mobile devices and users are constantly changing. You need to test and be actively engaged to watch out any change of trends.

6. Failing to have a mobi presence. Just like you can't run an online campaign without a websites, you need a mobi presence before you begin your marketing strategies.

7. Not actively promoting your mobile site. Well, you need to let potential customers know about your site. Let your current customers know about it. Hold contests using offline methods to promote your site.

Concluding remarks

The potential in mobile marketing is massive. And you need to seriously think about if you are not already there. The more you wait the more you will be left behind. Take action today to get the information you need to successfully market your stuff through mobile devices.
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