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Anyone have any experience with this? This is by a guy named Mike Enos i think...
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    Anyone have any experience with this? This is by a guy named Mike Enos i think...
    I watched the webinar last night and was quite impressed with Mike Enos. There were some good things that came out of the webinar. However I was somewhat taken aback by the cost of having 250 niche sites ($895) but then realised you are getting quite a bit for your money also including 12 months hosting for 250 blog sites for the first year.

    You have no control of the type and quality of content that will automatically be placed on your sites and the content will undoubtably be the same for many other people. So duplicate content is a worry for me. I don't think you can build 250 sites in minutes and expect a good steady income for many years to come. Maybe I'm wrong! The old saying rings in my head "If it's too good to be true.......!"

    Hand built blog/sites with proper on/off page SEO and your own unique articles/images/video etc got to be the way to go for long term success.
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      Yeah, to me there were some good things and some bad things about it. One of the bad things was that they are hosted on there servers, meaning that once you leave the program, the sites stay with them. They did mention that you can sell the sites, but the buyer would then have to join the program and still they wouldn't have control of the sites, but they would be able to earn form the sites that they "bought."

      But a good thing would be that, given that the sites are on there servers, you wouldn't have to worry about the monthly hosting fees (and if you are buying the RIGHT kind of servers for your autoblog business, could run you in the neighborhood of $700 plus dollars per year at a minimum. Also, you can use there subdomians and not have to buy domains yoursself, which could save you another $120-140 per year (or if your buying info's, then something like $12 per year.)

      So i guess it has good and bad points. For newbies that don't want to deal with hosting and cpanels and buying domains, it's a good thing. But if you want control, not so good. The real question becomes,"Can i get an ROI out of it?" So i was just curious if anyone has used it.
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