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I am interested in getting another credit card machine/merchant account and noticed an Ebay listing for a Nurit 8000 Wireless credit cart terminal. It is being offered with a merchant account tied to a company called Total Merchant Services. As I understand, I would be able to take cards online for my online products.

Has anyone here had any experience with Total Merchant Services or the Nurit 8000 terminal. I would be interested in any input there.

Of course, if there is a better alternative, I would be interested in that information. I am interested in taking charges online and from my brick and mortar shop. Not really interested in going the local bank route. I have never been that impressed with them. I have had several merchant accounts in the past.

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    I am in the merchant service business. I would not trust Total Merchant Services if I were you, I have heard nothing but bad things about them. Obviously, I am biased, but I really have no expectation of selling anything to you. You should find someone local.

    Make sure to interview several providers.
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    I used to work in the IT dept for one of the largest payment processors on the internet. We had direct accounts with FirstData and PaymentTech. Their rates were simply the best. I learned that nearly every single "merchant service" our there is simply a "middle man" that will reroute your transactions through FirstData or PaymentTech.

    For brick and mortar, simply find a terminal that works with either of the above. 99% of the terminals on eBay will most likely work. But contact FirstData and PaymentTech for details. They might have "deals" if you signup directly through them. If you are mobile and have an iPhone, check out PAYware Mobile | USA | iPhone 4 Payment App and Card Reader | VeriFone: PAYware Mobile iPhone 4 Payments App and Credit Card Reader to process via your iPhone on the go.

    For your internet site, you'll need a "gateway" to serve as a "middle man" between your merchant account with your website. The most popular is They charge around $20/mth for their services.

    Finally, you'll simply need a shopping cart to process online transactions on your website. There's Nanacast, 1ShoppingCart, Volusion, XCart and tons more.

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    I would check out feefighters I used them to find a merchant.

    Just here to see the shenanigans.

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