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Trying to find the best business in a box product for the offline market. I know there are a lot of "how to" local seo, google places, etc. etc. - what I am interested in is probably a systemized approach with templates, scripts, business plan, client agreement forms..... - as well as best practices for local seo (google places + seo). Maybe even a lead generation solution.

I am not looking for any "miracle" or "push button" solutions, I know that does not exist. I have run businesses before so I understand what it takes to be successful.

Thanks for any suggestions.
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    Kate Anderson has a 'business in a box' club and her quality is always high. I'm not a member because that isn't what I'm looking for right now, but we've bought her PLR in the past and it's always excellent. Perhaps she can help you?

    Kate Anderson Presents: Premium Business In A Box Packages!
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      I found where Jeremy had reviewed Daniel Tan (sp ?) new product called "SEO Business Box". Anybody purchase this?

      Any other turnkey Business in the Box type products for SEO business / offline marketing business?

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